Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Day 7 - 8

It is believed that the 7th day of the Lunar New Year symbolises everybody's birthday and as usual feasting is unavoidable !

This year, we ate steamboat @ Rowell.

Guess, it's our last new year celebration over there as they are moving soon to the block just beside our new flat !

Jo prepared the stock and bought all ingredients. Caca and me as usual ... her assistants to help cut, wash etc ...

It's another round of "Lou Hei" !!

We ate to our fill while the two kids were placed in the playpen so that we can eat in peace !

One with Xav before we start eating !

and we got the kids to wear their top. Coincidentally, the tops look like matching tops just that the buttons differentiate which is for the boy and girl.

and guess what we had unexpectedly for the 8th Day ?! We had steamboat again !!! This time was with in-laws @ home. Suddenly, mil said she will prepare steamboat for dinner !

Xav's getting ready !

Another reason to feast again !

And I'm greatly entertained by Xav, singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" as he watched the MTV of Angela Zhang ! Shall load the video shortly !

After the steamboat, we had a second round @ ECP seafood centre, Jumbo, with mum and the sisters !

We ended up going home with an extremely full stomach !!

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