Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Day 1 - 4

First 3 days of the CNY is always the busiest though out the whole new year. It can be infact much more tiring than working or going out for shopping.

1st Day, we did not really go anywhere. We went down to mum's place for house visiting, as usual, lunch will be vegetarian lunch cooked by Jo.

Here's Xav decked out in his modern china wear ! Managed to find this at the very last minute as I wanted something more than just a kung fu set. At least this top is presentable enough for dinners though.. =P

This year, Xav's not so bored anymore ! He has Edna to play with !

After that, we headed home in the late noon and call it a day !

2nd day of CNY is always spent @ Jurong without fail. Xav was dressed in the Doraemon suit which Jo got for him ! Here's my little Ding Dang !

Xav did pretty well for the 1st time. He buckled himself with the seat belt and sat through the journey from Tanah merah to Jurong. Normally, he does not have the patient to sit through the journey. Well done, Boy !

Here are some random pics taken with the cousins and lao gu.

We made a short trip to the Science Centre when he woke from his nap. As there were too many people, we just went around to take some pics and explore the place before we made our way back to Uncle's house.

3rd Day of CNY is normally spent with friends. Went for high tea buffet @ Pariss Marina Square with Dear's ex classmates, an annual meet up =)

Here are the kiddies !!

And we were surprised that Xav allowed Jerrine to hold his hand. Normally, we had a hard time grabbing hold of him. Then again, Jerrine is very patient with Xav and looks out for him even when they are at the playground. Good Job Daddy Alex & Jaz Mama.

Then, proceeded to Edmund's place in the evening. As usual, there will be an ongoing "Dai Di" or blackjack session.

And Xavier for that evening was so friendly to allow ChungChung to carry him and he went around hugging some of them and even went to disturb the doggie !

Day 4, we stayed home to rest and of course @ the same time, we noticed that Xav was having a little mild fever. Just hoped that it was just a teething fever with a little runny stools. To be continued...

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