Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caught a stomach bug !

Poor Xav has been running watery stools and having fever since the 3rd day of CNY. I almost freak out when his fever hit 39.5 on Friday night. His
limbs were icy cold, hands turned black and nails turn purplish.

Gave him Bifen to control his fever and luckily it worked and managed to last till Saturday morning when I brought him to Dr Cheng @ East Shore.

I suspected that the crackers he took from the Yu Sheng were contamintaed by the raw fish and veg, and his young body could not flush the contaminants.

Dr Cheng diagnosed that Xav could have caught a bug in his stomach and caused an infection, hence resulting in the high fever.

He prescribed him with probiotics, antibiotics (Cedax) as well as Smecta for his diarrhoea.

Xav dozing off for his nap aft the medication. The fever must have made him felt sick as his temp hit almost to 39 deg again, making his nails turn purplish yet again after he slept. I almost freak out as the smecta cannot be taken together with any other medication. I called up the clinic and asked again for instruction and was told if really no choice, the fever has to be on control first. Hence, I gave him Bifen immediately.

Hope he gets well real soon to be able to join in the todds CNY gathering this Sunday.

Came to realise that everytime there is a gathering coming soon, he tends to fall sick and he has to really get well soon as I am now having phobia of changing his diapers !!!

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