Friday, February 26, 2010

Blow Bubbles Blow !!!

Xavier learnt how to blow bubbles !!!

Started when Xav was cranky and we were thinking of what can distract him. And deardear decided to teach him how to blow bubbles.

Xav got the hang of it after a few times of trying ! Well done !

Infact blowing, sucking and chewing exercises certain muscles around the mouth to help some children to speak. Blowing was one of the activities done when Xav attended the Little Neuro Tree.

So encourage your child to blow bubbles and pieces of tissue paper. In addition, you can teach the child to suck from a straw and encourage him/her to chew solid food.

But Xav didn't like to chew meat. Esp breast meat ! He is fine with the meat from mid joint though.

Here's the first few attempts ! Huff and Puff !! Where are the bubbles?

and he got better ! This time round, you see bubbles coming up !!

Practice makes perfect Xav ! Keep going ! Next time, Xav shall blow bubbles while daddy and mummy shall burst bubbles !!

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