Thursday, February 11, 2010

Act 3 ~ Lesson 5 & 6

Lesson 5 covered Incey Wincey Spider through songs and dance. The todds were taught UP & DOWN as well as emotions like happy and sad.

Xavier was particularly friendly to all the parents that day as he went around wanting to hug them and best part was he went behind their back and wanted them to piggy ride him !!!

Lesson 6 covered the same emotions as well as they believed in repetition. Here's Xav dancing to the usual song.

And recently, not knowing why, he likes to crawl !!! But pretty bad attention he had that day. he was walking around during story telling them !!

Today, the kids made their own clock

and rhyme for the day is "Hickery Dickery Dock"

Busy Xavier working on his clock.

But he was like as if staying in his own world during the story telling time. He only sat down for a short moment and ran off !!!

Hope that he can do better the next lesson !

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