Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beannies butterfly

In conjuncture with Letter B. I introduce beans and butterfly to Xav. Now, whenever he sees pictures of butterfly, he will call out to me.

Bought some eye beans, green beans, red beans, kidney beans, black beans and soya beans to show Xav.

Using the beans and glue, I taught him to stick onto the the the butterfly.

And this was his half done butterfly.

Before he gets restless and started to show his "dance" to me, standing on one foot and shake his hands...

And I name this "Thomas butterfly" as he ran his train and rested on the body.

Temporary this is all for Letter B ! Shall complete the craft another day !

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Rainbow 汤圆

My first attempt in making 汤圆 !

Normally, my mum will prepare the dough and we will help her make into balls.

This year, I got a little helper !! Let me introduce Chef Xavier ! Great chance to teach him colours and get him to feel the texture of the dough.

He flattened out my ready roll balls instead ! Here's Xavier Dino's palm !!

Mix with cold water and knead the flour until it does not stick onto your hand.

I add one drop of colouring to the divided portions.

And this is the outcome if Xavier's work. He pressd the balls of pink and blue together and end up I got purple balls as well !!! And it becomes like a mixture of everything... Looks inedible heh!!! Hahahah ......

So I salvaged the balls at night and it becomes ...... Nicer ??

I made some pink and green dough too.

I cooked the soup with ginger, pandan leaves and brown sugar.

Another bowl of boiling water, dip the balls in and cook for about 10 mins. My mum taught me that if the balls float up to the surface, means it is cooked.

Then, put into a bowl of cold water for 5 mins. Then, transfer them into the ginger soup and cook for another 5 mins.

Here's my bowl of rainbow ah-balling.

I didn't know where to buy the peanut or red bean filling or make it myself. Do let me know if you know where to get it !

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Blow Bubbles Blow !!!

Xavier learnt how to blow bubbles !!!

Started when Xav was cranky and we were thinking of what can distract him. And deardear decided to teach him how to blow bubbles.

Xav got the hang of it after a few times of trying ! Well done !

Infact blowing, sucking and chewing exercises certain muscles around the mouth to help some children to speak. Blowing was one of the activities done when Xav attended the Little Neuro Tree.

So encourage your child to blow bubbles and pieces of tissue paper. In addition, you can teach the child to suck from a straw and encourage him/her to chew solid food.

But Xav didn't like to chew meat. Esp breast meat ! He is fine with the meat from mid joint though.

Here's the first few attempts ! Huff and Puff !! Where are the bubbles?

and he got better ! This time round, you see bubbles coming up !!

Practice makes perfect Xav ! Keep going ! Next time, Xav shall blow bubbles while daddy and mummy shall burst bubbles !!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Act 3 ~ Lesson 8

Lesson 8 teaches dry and wet by Teacher April.

We started off by making a frog for the activity later on. The teacher pretended to sound like a frog and caught Xav's attention when he was about to walk off ! How good !

Xavier has wanted his frog to be in green, orange and yellow. Here's Xav @ work, colouring the stand.

The kiddos were taught to pretend washing of clothes, putting up to dry on the laundry line.

Including showering of the teddies ! Xav's pretending to pour out the washing powder !

Hugging the Teddy to sun out for drying.

and role played "To the beach", picking up of seashells

and catching the frogs !

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Day 7 - 8

It is believed that the 7th day of the Lunar New Year symbolises everybody's birthday and as usual feasting is unavoidable !

This year, we ate steamboat @ Rowell.

Guess, it's our last new year celebration over there as they are moving soon to the block just beside our new flat !

Jo prepared the stock and bought all ingredients. Caca and me as usual ... her assistants to help cut, wash etc ...

It's another round of "Lou Hei" !!

We ate to our fill while the two kids were placed in the playpen so that we can eat in peace !

One with Xav before we start eating !

and we got the kids to wear their top. Coincidentally, the tops look like matching tops just that the buttons differentiate which is for the boy and girl.

and guess what we had unexpectedly for the 8th Day ?! We had steamboat again !!! This time was with in-laws @ home. Suddenly, mil said she will prepare steamboat for dinner !

Xav's getting ready !

Another reason to feast again !

And I'm greatly entertained by Xav, singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" as he watched the MTV of Angela Zhang ! Shall load the video shortly !

After the steamboat, we had a second round @ ECP seafood centre, Jumbo, with mum and the sisters !

We ended up going home with an extremely full stomach !!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chill out for mummies !

Day 5 of CNY, supposed to go for a K session, but was cancelled at the last minute. But, managed to join the mummies only for a lunch @ Sakae ! Nice meet up I must say as we chatted over the meals.

We had a mini "Lou Hei" !

A group pic of the mummies

and Esther managed to join us at a later time!

A little fact which I must admit. I'm a great fan of Yu Sheng !!! I never grow sick of it eating the full 15 days of CNY !!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caught a stomach bug !

Poor Xav has been running watery stools and having fever since the 3rd day of CNY. I almost freak out when his fever hit 39.5 on Friday night. His
limbs were icy cold, hands turned black and nails turn purplish.

Gave him Bifen to control his fever and luckily it worked and managed to last till Saturday morning when I brought him to Dr Cheng @ East Shore.

I suspected that the crackers he took from the Yu Sheng were contamintaed by the raw fish and veg, and his young body could not flush the contaminants.

Dr Cheng diagnosed that Xav could have caught a bug in his stomach and caused an infection, hence resulting in the high fever.

He prescribed him with probiotics, antibiotics (Cedax) as well as Smecta for his diarrhoea.

Xav dozing off for his nap aft the medication. The fever must have made him felt sick as his temp hit almost to 39 deg again, making his nails turn purplish yet again after he slept. I almost freak out as the smecta cannot be taken together with any other medication. I called up the clinic and asked again for instruction and was told if really no choice, the fever has to be on control first. Hence, I gave him Bifen immediately.

Hope he gets well real soon to be able to join in the todds CNY gathering this Sunday.

Came to realise that everytime there is a gathering coming soon, he tends to fall sick and he has to really get well soon as I am now having phobia of changing his diapers !!!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Day 1 - 4

First 3 days of the CNY is always the busiest though out the whole new year. It can be infact much more tiring than working or going out for shopping.

1st Day, we did not really go anywhere. We went down to mum's place for house visiting, as usual, lunch will be vegetarian lunch cooked by Jo.

Here's Xav decked out in his modern china wear ! Managed to find this at the very last minute as I wanted something more than just a kung fu set. At least this top is presentable enough for dinners though.. =P

This year, Xav's not so bored anymore ! He has Edna to play with !

After that, we headed home in the late noon and call it a day !

2nd day of CNY is always spent @ Jurong without fail. Xav was dressed in the Doraemon suit which Jo got for him ! Here's my little Ding Dang !

Xav did pretty well for the 1st time. He buckled himself with the seat belt and sat through the journey from Tanah merah to Jurong. Normally, he does not have the patient to sit through the journey. Well done, Boy !

Here are some random pics taken with the cousins and lao gu.

We made a short trip to the Science Centre when he woke from his nap. As there were too many people, we just went around to take some pics and explore the place before we made our way back to Uncle's house.

3rd Day of CNY is normally spent with friends. Went for high tea buffet @ Pariss Marina Square with Dear's ex classmates, an annual meet up =)

Here are the kiddies !!

And we were surprised that Xav allowed Jerrine to hold his hand. Normally, we had a hard time grabbing hold of him. Then again, Jerrine is very patient with Xav and looks out for him even when they are at the playground. Good Job Daddy Alex & Jaz Mama.

Then, proceeded to Edmund's place in the evening. As usual, there will be an ongoing "Dai Di" or blackjack session.

And Xavier for that evening was so friendly to allow ChungChung to carry him and he went around hugging some of them and even went to disturb the doggie !

Day 4, we stayed home to rest and of course @ the same time, we noticed that Xav was having a little mild fever. Just hoped that it was just a teething fever with a little runny stools. To be continued...
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