Saturday, January 23, 2010

Xavier @ 22 months old

Two more months to hit 2 years old!! Come to think of it, it's like pretty fast ! Can Xav not grow up so fast !

He loves bathing and somehow associates the shower with rain.

He will keep on saying "raining" in delight and had his fun under the shower.

And yes praises is what they want at this stage! I will give him
praises after he did what I instructed him to.

For instance, I get him wear the Santa's hat after showing him how it looked like on my head. This sparked off an interest in him

and he wore it on his head. Afterwich, I praised him by saying that he nice he looks and he be walking away happily.

Normally, he doesn't like anything to be on his head.

This is my little Santa !

Xavier's learnt his alphabets but not fully though.

These are the majority which he knows the vowels, recognises the letters and can read them out;

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,O,S,T,X & Z

We have been singing the ABC song together almost everyday.

Some ways which he learns:
1. Casual singing
2. Thru IPhone ( I loaded one ABC song which pictures "Gracie" from wheels on the bus. Thanks Caca)
3. Alphabets fridge magnets (only 2 dollars from Daiso)

4. Phonics book and CD (Ants on the apple by Tishy Bruce)

Here's Xav enjoying the song as well as learning the vowels of the words.

5. Another way he learnt is from magazines. When I'm browsing, sometimes I will point out the letters to him and he will read out if he knows.

For numbers, he can count from 1 to 20 with me intervally. I goes 1, he goes 2, I goes 3 and he goes 4 ... All the way to 20 though he doesn't know how to really pronounce from 13 to 15 as well as 17.

He can even count the steps as he is climbing up the stairs !

Another way he learnt the numbers is in the lift ! It makes a good exposure to numbers though as it ascends or descends to different floors.

For food and fruits, he can name me some of the common items like: rice, bread, cake, egg, apple, nana (banana).

And I got a surprise from him saying "ice shim" when he caught me eating the mac waffle cone. I was thinking, how did he know when i have never show him one before!

He will tell me that he is full by either patting his tummy and says "Full full". He knows "drink" and "eat" as well. So much easier than before, at least when he is thirsty he knows how to indicate by saying " duink duink ".

Sometimes, he tends to disturb me by saying "sleep" and went lying down on the bed.

He learns to blink his eyes too when we says "blink"!

We taught him how not to get jealous of Edna and to love her more instead. Here's Xav showing his brotherly love ! Sometims a peck on her cheeks or gave her big warm hugs

Helps Jo to pat Edna when she is crying or wants to sleep

But he does get a bit jealous of the attention Edna is getting from the grandparents.

Hence, whatever Edna is doing, he would want to do it too !

Now he is more expressive, he knows how to say Yes & No but more often than not, he will shake his head if he doesn't want.

He got his favourite cartoons ! Doreamon and Thomas and friends! This is the suit which Jo bought for him !

And the Thomas and friends Dvd managed to make him sit down and have his haircut as compared to the last time, he almost tore down the whole building with his cries.

Xav learns how to address yiyi, uncle, aunty, daddy, mammy (mummy), kng kng (gong gong), mah mah (grandmother).

Shall continue this on the next post. Too much to update !! This shows how much he has been learning ?! I'm so excited !!

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