Thursday, January 7, 2010

Singapore Zoological Gardens

We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you ... You can come too, too, too ... we are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo ... ...

Yes !! This time round is to the Zoo ! Was thinking Xav had seen some animals in the YBCR videos, time to bring him to see the real ones !

I made his breakfast with the newly bought Panda picks !! Got them @ a BP and finally I get to use it. Made bread with cheese and strawberries for him.

and packed some using the animal cutters for his tea break. Just nice to fit the theme of outing !

We went to watch the sea lion presentation first but Xav did not enjoyed it as much as the elephants' presentation.

On our way to see the Elephants !

He sat through out the Elephants' presentation !

Though he was a bit hungry and tired by then as it was near lunch time.

After the show, we fed him lunch and proceed along to see other animals.

Australia Outback was one of the area which I think the zoo does not have when I last visited which was more than 10 years ago !

Here's Kanga !!

We saw this very enormous bird as well.. Forgot it's name though...

Here's Xav riding on the model kanga !

Then, we came to the White Tiger !

Xav was playing around the buttons to hear how the tiger sounds !

Highlight of the outing was to get Xavier to feed the giraffe ! The moment he saw the giraffes, he went "Raff ... Raff !!"
And Xav was so excited to feed the giraffe ! Not even the slightest bit of fear in him !

One family pic with the "Raff" !!

The coward mummy hiding behind brave little Xavier !!

And when Xav spotted the Zebras, he went "zee zee" !

Followed by a boat ride afterwhich, enjoyed the green scenary around Seletar Reservoir vicinity.

Here's our pic taken together with a crocodile egg !

When he napped, we went to take the tram ride and went touring around the whole Zoo. Made our alighting point near to the Rainforest Kids' World as we intend to bring Xavier there after he wakes.

Before that, we made our way to visit the rest of the enclosures when Xav was taking his nap.

Xav only took a short power nap of 30 mins. Thereafter, was waken up by the sound of the insects !

We fed him his teabreak and proceeded to the Rainforest Kids world, where all the little ponies, goats were located at.

Xav looking at the big bunny !

and whenhe spotted the water park, he straight away pulled my hand to go together with him for fun !

Here's the impatient Xavier ... hahaha.. I have to keep reminding him that we have to wait for daddy.

And there he started his fun !

He had much fun and we were glad that he was quite cooperative when we needed to get him to wash up and leave the place.

We had a tired but enjoyable day out !

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