Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Singapore Flyer

Been busy for the start of 2010 !!! With lots of activities lined up ! Singapore Flyers is the first places of interest which we brought Xav to.

Not sure if it was a curse, everytime we planned to go there, either one of us would fall sick.

So this time round is a hush hush issue.. We did not mention anything about going till the very last minute !

We are going to take flight !

One before we depart !

And Xav stood rooted to the ground when the capsule was ascending.

And here's the loving couple ! heee ...

He took awhile to discover.. hey .. we were so high up above ground !

and he started to monkey around the bench after a while ... ...

Here's the view overseeing the upcoming IR

Our "Da tou tie "

Here's Xavier catching the last glimpse of the scenary before we alight.

We purchased this copy for souvenier sake, since we went in the day time, we got the edited copy which featured the night scenary.

More pictures in facebook !

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