Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music & Movement

During these 22 months, Xav did not go for any music enrichment classes as I feel that the daily sing-a-long sessions should be sufficient for him at this age. Not until the age of 4, then will I send him to take up one instument for his extra enrichment.

But still subjects to his likes and dislikes for music. Now, he hums to familiar music or songs that he knew.

I'm proud of him ! He knows majority of the nursery rhymes and songs ! And Yes even mandarin songs !

In a way, I trained his memory by the lyrics. Everyday, we will have a short singing sessions through his favourite karaoke sing-a-long discs.

Here's one of Xav with Edna watching the karaoke sing-a-long disc.

Through out the day, when I'm cooking, hanging my laundry or during his playtime, I will tend to sing him and stopped at the 2nd last word of every sentence. From there, he will fill in the blanks and yes, he can do it, even when at times, I stopped in the mid of the sentence to see if he knows the word. Even if he does not know how to pronouce the word, he will make a sound or a tune to fit in.

There are some songs which you can incorporate actions into them ! And Xav always like to dance to "Ring-a-ring O Roses" and "If you are happy".

This is the list of songs and rhymes Xav has learnt and always sing together with me. Be it just humming the familiar tunes or filling in the blanks, here goes the list:

1. You're my sunshine
2. Over the rainbow
3. The wheels on the bus
4. Hey Diddle, Diddle
5. Humpty Dumpty
6. Hickery Dickery Dock
7. Head, shoulders, Knees and toes
8. Little Miss Muffet
9. Sing your way home
10. Twinkle, Twinkle lil' Stars (In both Eng and Mandarin)
11. Head, Shoulders, knees and toes (He's trying to learn the actions !! It's quite hilarious when you see him attempting to do it. )
12. Row, row, row your boat
13. Little Bo-Peep
14. Old Mother Hubbard
15. Miss Polly
16. Ten Little Indians
17. Ten fat sausages (Xav will go "pop" and "bang" at himself !)
18. 小白船
19. 好宝宝
20. 泥娃娃
21. 小蜜蜂
22. 大象
23. 丑小鸭
24.红青蜓 by 小虎队

Quite an achievement for Xav!

Think it be even better if I can go and refresh my knowledge on the guitar chords and retune the guitar. Wouldn't it be more fun if we could sing along with the accompany of guitar strums !

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