Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last night, the little boy scare the hell out of my life !!

Before he went to bed, I already heard some phlegmy sound from him and got a hunch that he might have a cough pretty soon.

Before I knew it, he woke from his sleep at 11.30 pm, trying to cough out something as if there is something stuck in his throat.

His coughs were hoarse and sounded like dog's barking. He seems to be having breathing difficulties, at the same time, breaking out into cold sweat and crying non stop. Immediately, I suspected it could be croup as I have read up on the signs and symptoms before.

Best part was, Xav always coincidently, chose the occasions to fall sick either on public holidays or when the daddy is on duty at work !!

Off we went in a cab straight to KKH. Luckily, it's not very crowded. We didn't have to wait for long before our turn came. The doc then diagnose that Xav got croup. Think I can be a doc ?? Heeee ...

Croup is the viral infection of the vocal cords and voice box. Children who got this would have a tight, low pitched, "barking" cough.

Doc said that fever and cold will come in together as well. He was given the steroids to reduce the swelling of the airway so that he could breathe better. But we have to stay there for observations for two hours.... Thank god, nothing too serious.

Here's the same old active Xav while waiting for the two hours to be up.

Watching pink panther to pass his time while I am sitting in one corner, trying to catch some sleep as well as occasionally making sure that he was still around.

The poor boy kept saying bye bye to the doc and nurses when they were taking his blood pressure for fear that needles might appear!

Reach home about 3.30am... And I'm seriously dead beat!! We both slept till 9 am this morning.. Think I got to admit that I'm "old" !! Just one late night and it felt like years since I have taken a nice sleep !! Get well soon, little one !

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