Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kitchen play set

Here's Xavier latest playset ! Looks a bit girlish due to the pinkish colour. But anyway, who says boys can't use pink !

Grabbed it from Taka fair on the last day of the event, on top of $29.90, we got a further 20% and an additional member's discount.

Then again, I feel that this set is not as fun as those which has sound when u turn the knobs. This one only have sound on the stove. But dear dear was saying, it's supposed to be or imagine play. So doesn't really matter if there are sound or not.

I fixed up the kitchen when Xav was sleeping, so that he will have a surprise the next day!

Here's Xavier's Kitchen !!

I bought some play dough from Daiso and cut them up into bits and Xav imagined that the green bits are vege

and started to place them into the pots and starts to make sound as he "cooked" !!

Coupled with the kitchen set Jo got from him, there's more variety to play around with !

Little chef at work !

Grilling corn !!

Shall open up the play dough for other colours gradually to make into something else for him.

One thing I like about the play dough from daiso, it's not oily at all and at only $2 for a tub of 4-5 colours!

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