Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keys collection !

Finally !! After the long wait... The keys to our new home ! We collected on the 4th Jan 2010 with excitement !

Mil got a monk to bless the unit before the start of renovation which is still some time away ad we have yet to decide which ID to take.

We were quite pleased with the design of the door grill and the door by HDB. Hence, this part no changes will be made.

This is the living room's window. Judging from the windows, you can roughly estimated how small the living room is going to be. Anyway, small is good as I always like things to be simple and I don't need to clean up too big a place.

Little Xavier sitting by the bay window. We are most likely going to turn this area into a sitting area or a display area.

Here's the walkway to the rooms.

Here's the common bathroom.

Here's the view from the washroom in the master bedroom ...

From the master bedroom...

Here's from outside the unit.

Less than a 5 mins walk to the LRT station is what we like for the convenience.

After meeting up with a total of 6 IDs, we have shortlisted and left with two for our consideration. Mainly, Uberdesign or Dot3.

Most likely I guess, renovation will only start in march, after CNY. Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to shift into the new place of our own.

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