Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre X'mas Mini gathering

Today had a mini gathering @ Steph's place. Thanks Steph for opening up her place. Nice to see the little ones grown so much and look so different when we were going through the photos taken from the past playdates.

Here's little Justin ! Just love the way he says "OH NO !! " He sounds so cute !

Here's the sweetie little princess !

Happily clapping her hand when I sang "if you are happy " !

And here's busy little Xavier, keeping himself ever so busy, goes around and check out Justin's toys ! Especially the big red car !

No more babies ... Now we see the little tots fighting with each other for toys. And when boys come together, they loves cars and wheels. Watch them try to push the car together !

Creative little artists !!

And Xavier was pretending that the mahjong paper is the "parachute".

And up he goes...

And this is when two toddlers who doesn't know how to express themselves.. Hahha.. Xavier got a christmas bite from Yanyan when he refused to share the crayons with her. Yan got so frustrated and landed a bite on Xav's arm ! Ended up a crying Xavier and poor Yan got scolding from mummy.. No worries... We know that it's not intentional just that she doesn't know how to express herself yet.

Thank you Amy too for the nice cuppies !

Xav enjoyed it !! And happily helped himself to it.

The nice sweet little cuppies, landed in dear dear's and mine tummy not long after I reached home. Nice ones, we were so addicted to 'em !

Xavier thanked Aunty Steph for the nice truck ! He loves it when the truck vibrates !!

Aunty Amy for the books !! He is most happy to have more books adding on to his collections !

Aunty Sharon for the phonics CD coupled with a book. Look how engross Xav was listening to the disc and at the same time, I was going through the book with him.

Sounds so familiar.. I remember teacher carol did play this for me... A for apple ants ... Ah ah ah... "

And not forgetting to thank Aunty Esther for her cute x'mas DVD which kept Xavier entertained !

Too bad due to Xav's just recovered from his cold. We held him back from attending the x'mas party at gymboree in order to prevent him from catching anoher bug just in case. Hope to catch up with the rest soon!

And I caught Elijah and brother at gymboree ! Smiley baby ! He sure looks alike to his brother !

Ended the day at Cold Storage buying groceries for tomorrow..

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