Monday, December 7, 2009

Our new home !

In a few months time, hopefully by march, we can get the renovation fully done and move into our new home @ Fernvale !

Finally, after waiting for about two years, we received a letter to ask if we wanted a bank loan from HDB so we guess, it wouldn't be long before we can get our keys !

Infact, we went to view my sil's unit, which is just a stone throw from our block, to have a rough view of how our unit might look like as our layout of the floor plan is quite similar. Here's Xav walking towards our new block !

Over the weekends, we have been busy meeting up the individual interior designers whom deardear has shortlisted based on the reviews given at

On Friday evening, we went to meet Ben from Summit designs.

The little accountant ?.....

Xavier was happily crawling and entertaining himself.

Guess what.. Xav wanted me o crawl together with him !!! Cos I normally play along with him at home when he wanted me to crawl with him !

On sat, we also went to seek out some lightings for the fun of it !! My dream lighting costs nearly to 1.5k !! Think I can just forget about it unless we have plenty of spare cash.. So shall try to buy 4D this coming weekend !! Hahhaha...

This is Xav at Novena furniture store based in Balestier... Look how engross he is into the retro songs played .

And suddenly he changed! We used to give him the balloons with stick but he doesn't want and this time round, he kept pestering me to get him one

By telling me "Ber-loon... Ber-loon" and and best part was, I gave him a white one, he demanded for an orange one

when he spotted that there were other colours !!

This pic is a bit blur because after passing him the orangy balloon, he walked off.. I told him "Hey Xav, I gave u a balloon, what must you say ? You should say thank you to mummy right ? " and I can tell he is in pretty good mood!! Hr signed me "thank you" an happily bounced off !

Off we go for tea break and ...

He spotted the red high chairs at macdonald and requested me to carry him up onto the chair.

Do you think this pic looks like one of the characters in Winnie the Pooh ... "do you think I can float up while holding onto the balloon ... "

Playing around with the stick and tried to poke into his nostrils !!! Nottie Xavier !

He's then caught day dreaming .. Probably day dreaming about what's for his tea break !

We went to Heartland mall for our tea break while waiting for the next ID appointment with Ideal house.

Japanese sponge cake was what he had for tea break !

Bought a mixture of plain and some with red beans filling. Luckily, it's not that sweet. Look at how he is enjoying, slowly bit by bit savouring the delicious sponge cake.

Just nice.. Mini enough for his little hands.

Mmmm... Nice ...

We ended the day with some groceries shopping at Tampines mall and had our dinner at Sushi Tei @ Tampines One.

Of all, I prefer and feel more comfortable with Kelvin from "Taos" but we will still wait for all to email us their quotations before we decide on which one we would go for.

We were saying that this process is so much like the wedding preparation process....

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