Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Official withdrawal

Yesterday, dear dear went to settle the withdrawal administration at the childcare.

Xavier is now officially out from the school and we have agreed to keep him till 3 before letting him go to a school. Probably still can find a playgroup for him after we move to Fernvale.

The school passed two photographs back to us. This brings back the memories when Xav started attending school at his 16 months.

This was what they showcase on Xavier's participation in the class.

This is the playgroup class.. Spot Xavier in there ! With the three teachers teaching the playgroup. Teacher Carol on the left, Teacher Zurah on the top right and Teacher Kelly on the bottom right.

Let's zoom in for a closer look.. Hee...

Really a big thank you to the PG teachers and the rest of the teachers team for helping Xav get adjusted to school life and making sure he is well taken care of in school, esp Teacher Carol.

And I shall be starting to plan what to teach Xav at home starting from 2010! Hope he's gonna have fun as what he did in school.

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