Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Beary X'mas gift tags !

Been up to my cards recently, especially during festive season. I have made these mini cards with the intention of spicing up the pressie when giving them to my colleagues. Gonna emboss their names on it to make it more special and personalised.

There are a few who have requested me to take in their orders and help them personalised the cards through embossing. Scroll down for the various designs.

The first 3 designs as shown, the dimensions are about 10cm by 7 cm. Made with 3D emblishment to make the design stand out.

Design No.1 Ringing Reindeer, $1.80 each

Design No. 2 Flying Santa, $1.80each

Design No. 3 Pinky X'mas tree, $1.80 each

Comes the next range of mini tags, dimension are about 7cm by 5 cm. This range can be personalised as well by embossing the receivers' names on the cards. Comes in a pack of 5 @ $3.50 each pack.

The first piece from the right is a sample of the embossed name on the tag.

This is a close up one.

Design No. 5 Beary X'mas (Fully embossed manually), $2 each.

Glitter is added for a glossy sparkle effect.

Design No. 6 Juz bear, $2

All designs are subjected to availability except for Designs No. 5 & 6.

I'm closing the orders by 18th December so as to make it in time to reach by post.

Please email me your orders or simply drop a tag in my cbox. Will revert as soon as I can.

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