Thursday, December 31, 2009

Xavier's 1st foam party !!

Xav had his ever first foam party !! Several occasions, we planned to bring him to Tanglin Mall

where they have this foam and snowing effect for the visitors but ended up not being able to go due to the recent raining season. Finally, we got to go on the 29 Dec 2009.. lesser people but still pretty crowded though.

Initially, he was kind of terrified of the washing machine

which dispense out the huge, heap massive foam. He quickly ran to me and asked me to carry him.

Look at his expression.. it's like .. hey, what's this soft white small little bubbles ..

But after slowly "warming" him up, the real party began !!

Look how Xavier is enjoying the "snow"

Daddy joined in the fun !!

And Xav had a foam hat !

and he was filled with "wow ......" for the whole evening !

Xavier was so reluctant to leave that we have to carry him off.

Hpe he had fun that evening.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec stay @ por por's house

Since mid dec has been staying at mum's place as Jo helped me to look after Xav till my last day of work.

Ever since, the newly opened City Square Mall has been our most frequent mall. They practically have everything.. Just like having a little city at little India.

One thing good when staying at mum's place was, there is no problem finding food for Xav when I bring him out.

Here's Xav enjoying the scallop chicken porridge.


And he has been caca's little helper too ! He carried the bag from 18th floor and all the way down.

Had went to Sembawang Country Club for Wei Guang's birthday celebration.

Here's Edna joining us at the table ! She can sit pretty well on high chair now !

Managed to catch this expression of Xav! Been always trying to catch but failed.. Xav's famous piggy face !

Here are some pics takn randomly during the stay..

Dressing himself up with a pair of sunglasses.

Mummy , am I cool ?

Went for tea with Jo and Edna on one of the afternoons.. This is mine...

While Xavier gobbled down the crystal jade sponge cake.

Modern witch riding on a roll of wrappers instead of a broom! In this case it's a wizard !

And Xav sure knows how to make his way to the macdonald counter to ask for a balloon whenever he is at one !

And he sure knows how to get attention. He will demand for that particular person to feed. Once I was feeding him when aunty came. Immediately, he pushed the plate in my hand to her and said "give give" meaning asking her to feed instead of me. Good for me heh, at least I can sneak off to work.

This is how Xavier plays peek-a-boo!

And he will self service to feed himself when the food were served. Here's Xavier helping himself to the fries at Fish & Co.

And Edna must be looking forward to start her cereals soon ! Look at the way she's starring at the platter !

Smiley Xavier waking up with a bright smile !

And he joined in Caca to cut out the bread.

Here we start !

Xav can cut and eat at the same time ! He happily help himself to the mini heart shape bread !

Xav feeding yiyi with the bear shaped bread. But why yiyi having this kind of facial expression ?

Xav concentrating hard !

Doing it on his own...

Caca and Xav shall roll out an apple face bread!

Tah dah !!

Here's Caca's bear !

Xav has got two hearts !

Supper @ HK cafe ( heartland mall )

The Seah sisters and Wong brother, after not having seen for how many years ?

And Edna joins in too !

And i managed to catch the girlish look of Xav. I must admit, he looks pretty !!!

And here's Xav with Kelwin who came back for a short stay from Aussie.

And he was happily helping himself to the slice of cake.

Mmmmm... Nice...

He even sang the ABC song for Kel. Of cos in his own version... Heee...

That's all for the update temporary... Shall call it a day... Good night to all..
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