Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Xavier @ 19 months

Finally, @ Xavier's 19 months,

we get to hear him call out "daddy" in his sweetest tone. No doubt, definately melts your heart when you hear it.

Whenever, he sees dear dear's pic, he will call out "daddy daddy" and when he calls out when he sees daddy after a long day, it's really the sweetest moment.

Mummy is up next. Xavier's version for mummy is "nammy". Good try though it sounds like nanny. Here.. "nammy" is very precious to me as he does not call out as often as he calls "daddy".

Xavier has also learnt to sign and say no more whenever his show ended,

He finishes his food or drink,

Or when the game or song ended when he was playing with the iPhone.

Recently, he learnt to say "hi" after watching YBCR. His "hi" goes in a very soft pitch, as though he is very shy but vain tone. I couldn't help but laughed.

He goes waving bye and say "dye...." ( his version of bye) funny isn't it.

For numbers, he can recognise and say "8". The other is "3" which he can say out loud after 1, 2 when I count.

Now, Xavier is also more responsive towards Edna's cries. I'm glad that he likes her and will attempt to "sayang" her on her head when he hears her crying.

This is Xavier's attempt to hug Edna, din managed to capture a nice one with my phone but definately he enjoys it.

Off track abit... Hee... Here's the little sweetie pie !! Looks more girl and dainty, with a nice little clip on her hair.

Little princess enjoying in the bumbo seat.

Edna, grow taller faster so that you can fit into the x'mas costume yiyi bought for you !!

Back to Xavier, he will ask to hug people and he likes it. Here's Xavier hugging Yiyi

These few days too, half way eating his meals, he will stretch his arms out to me, indicating that he wants to hug me, and he will pull me close to him and gives me a hug.

In the mornings, when he usually wakes before me, he will climb onto me and give me a morning kiss on my cheek and forehead.

I guess Xavier learns his hugs partly from Xiao P. Whenever, I'm at my mum's place, I will ask him to give it a hug.

Here's Xavier disturbing Xiao P. Xav: Xiao P, are u ready ?

Xav: I'm letting go of you....

Xav: hahahha... The way you fell is so much alike to humpty dumpty !!!

Some other misc pics of Xav... So engross in por por's phone... Xav: Seems more interesting than mummy's iPhone !!! There is sound when I flick it open !

Xav: hello hello, is daddy there ?

Anyway, spotted this uncle going for foot reflexology at the park !!

Better test and feel if it's hard to step on it... Not sure what happens if I were to fall flat on my face ....

Hmmm.. Shall practise my modern calligraphy here !!
He can actually squat and scribble for quite sometime.

Sorry readers, a bit of nudity here... Pardon me... Hahahha

Here's happy Xav having fun during his shower when the cup of water is poured over his head.

Heeee... I'm done !

And this is what we have been doing recently. Training Xavier to sleep within the blanket. He had improved quite a bit but at times, half of his body will still be out of the mattress.

We hope that he can ultimately roll about lesser as it will be of great help to himself when he goes back to the cc as well as he would not roll off the bed when he sleeps on his own the next time.

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