Friday, November 20, 2009

My lil' helper [Part 2]

Had took leave yesterday to stay with Xavier as he needs to be on the 4 hrly neubaliser.

Had a day with him... Brought him to NTUC to shop for his meat and veg as stocks are running low ... Hee...

While waiting for the bus, this little mischief was walking round and round the glass panel.

Here's helpful Xavier helping me to carry my shopping basket.
Xav: Mummy, shall we start our shopping ? U relax ok while I help you with the basket .

"off we go " !!!

"why is my basket still empty ? "

Made him minced meat porridge for his lunch

And steam egg tofu with carrots to go with.

While I made myself a bowl of steamy hot macaroni for lunch on a rainy afternoon. SHIOK !!

And Xavier had a bowl for his dinner as well.

It has been a long long time since I had playtime with Xavier before his bedtime.

The poor boy has to be on neub till he goes back for review on Tuesday.

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