Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cod fish with mango

Got this recipe from wokking mum. Decided to try it out today. It should taste pretty nice with mango but I think I bought the wrong kind of mango.. End up, he Mango is a bit sour instead if sweet. Then again, it's pretty appetizing = )

Xavier had it for his lunch too but omit the mango though .

Had also made steam egg tofu

and ABC soup to go along with the meal.

For dinner, I did not cook for Xavier for the first time. We brought him to Sushi Tei for his dinner.

We could tell that he was very happy and gave that kind of "hey, how come I can eat everything that's on the table". He had a bowl of white rice, Gindara Teriyaki, chawanmushi

as well as agedeshi

to go with.. Yummy ...

Xavier's practising his hand eye coordination by trying to insert the pair of chopsticks back into the wrapper.

& suddenly trying to be funny by pulling his hair and ears as we go along with him.

Before we went for dinner, we came across this Barney kiddy ride.. I sang " I love you, you love me, we are happy family.. With a big great hug and a kiss from me to you......" and little Xavier gave Barney a kiss !!! Sweet isn't it !

Alright, gonna go back to school after a month of absence. Hope he can adjust to it again !

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