Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back to work force

This coming wed, 11 nov 2009, marks the end of being a SAHM. It has been since July '07 till now that I have not been working. On one hand, I'm happy as I am going to have my own income again and also I dun need to stay at home the whole day. But if I am staying by myself, it would be a different story. Hee..

On the other hand means I am going to have lesser time for Xavier as I knock off at 6pm, by the time I reach home, it would be about 7pm, bathe him, play a while an off he goes to sleep! The future weekends are gonna be more precious than ever!

Anyway, be working in the Service Quality Unit with National Environmental Agency. Hopefully, I can put my experiences into good use.

These few days been busy viewing other childcare centres near the vicinity of my work place, hoping to find a good one and place Xavier there, so thatvi can see him as soon as I knock off ! But non gave me the comfortable feeling which I have for his current centre. Maybe I should say that the teachers are as enthusiastic as the teachers from Rainbow Cove and plus the curriculum and environment contributes to the factors for consideration when I am choosing one.

Here are some random pics of Xavier after we went childcare viewing.

Brought him to Citysquare mall, and had this tutu skirt on his lap for fun !! Imagine Xavier wearing a skirt ? Heee ... Mummy, yiyi and por por are so nottie !!

Check it out !! Do I look retro enough ?

We brought him to Sakae for dinner.. He had learnt how to pronounce sushi and lemon for that evening but still not very accurate though.

And guess what the nottie boy did ? He dipped his pair if chopsticks into the saucer containing wasabi mixture and put straight right into his mouth ! As a result ... His mouth will go wide open and his eyes will get bigger as his tongue burns... Lol.. Then, we will start laughing at him. But still, this does not deter him from continuing further.. Good way to train him to eat wasabi heh !

The next day, met up with jo and Edna at Tampines. Check out Edna Minnie !! Kawaii desune ?

And this Xavier was so obsessed with Thomas the train that we had to leave United Toys with a new train for him. This spells trouble for our pockets isn't it ?

Enjoying his steam cake from Yamazaki... Oishii ....

And hee gets so happy after a Jie Jie gave him a kiss...

Having fun with circles ..

Next day was childcare hunting again. Finally, he gets a chance to wear this jumper which I ordered from GAP not long ago... It definately brightens up Xav with the colourful stripes..

This little boy has grown, gaining more independance as days passed...

@ bugis junction playroom

Xav: help me choose a colour please mummy... Pink or

Blue ?

But I think a pair of cool sunglasses will still be the best !

So that I can go along with mummy when she wears her pair !!!!

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