Sunday, November 15, 2009

1st day of work

Been a really hectic week since I started work on wed. Took me 20 mins to walk Xav to school from 7am. I took a cab which cost me almost $20!!! Imagine $4.50 already went to the ERP gantries !!! And I arrived at work on the dot at 8 am.

Time passes pretty fast at work. The pace is rather fast I must admit and I seriously feel that the walk in customers are far worse than those which I experienced in the police centre.

In a blink of an eye, 6 pm reaches really fast. Though I'm only the third day at work, things are going on pretty fast, with the learning of different systems and briefing everyday.

How I look forward to knocking off so that I can get to see Xavier as soon as possible..

By the time, I see him, it's about 7 plus and I will bathe him, quickly gobble down my dinner so that I can spend that few minutes with him before he goes to bed. And there goes one day ! I think I hardly had an hour with him !

Am beginning to wonder... How long would I be working... I would rather now change my mind !!! Hahaha.. Cos I feel time spending with him is more important. Prob I shall see if I can stay for a year.. Prob after moving to FV, I might stopped working and might try to generate some income by selling some crafty thingy? Heee...

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