Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend lunch

Finally, apart from giving the antibiotics to Xav, he is now free from all medication be it western or tcm. No more fever, block nose as well as phlegmy cough.. Finally, he is on the road to recovery !!

Brought him down for a morning walk and he was rooted to the ground while watching the birds hopped around.

Went to ZTP to shop for some herbs. Saw the cordyceps on promotion. U.P per box is $220 now they are selling at $138 (only at this branch)

Cordyceps taste slightly sweet and are neutral in nature. It improves breathing functions and kidney deficiency, strengthens waist, knees and immune system as well as helping to cure chronic cough.

Bought a box of cordyceps and had requested the shop assistant to help me grind into powder.

I be giving Xav a little teaspoon everyday in his meals. It can be taken in powder form or dissolve in water and drink it.

I bought some wild ginseng as well. $65 for 一 两 for the better range.

I bought 三两 for the price of two.

Was advised to add into soups or to let Xav just chew on it probably about 2- 3 pieces per week.

This helps to stimulate energy, nourish the lungs and spleen. However, young children cannot take in too much as it could be too cooling.

It is beneficial to those who suffer from fatigue, mental and heart weakness, cough and menopause.

Here's Xav enjoying it ... Yumm... I was surprise that he is willing to eat it .

Mmmm... Nice ....

No more .....

For lunch, I cooked lotus root soup with fresh Chinese yam

as poor Xavier is believed to be teething again.

Chinese yam tastes sweet and is neutral in nature. It nourishes the lungs and kidneys, strengthen the spleen, stops diarrhea, improves vitality and restores "qi"

For the first time, given his character, he had always love to eat but I got a shock last night that he rejected his dinner totally and went straight to bed at 6 pm plus !

Dear dear told me that he has been rubbing his mouth and had a low grade fever of 37.5 to 37.7 deg. We did not gave him paracetamol though we were also paranoid at the same time as we were not sure if he has totally recovered from his very last episode of continuous fever for 5 days.

Surprisingly today, Xav's appetite came back and took two servings of the soup and finish almost everything that was given to him.

I cooked French beans with bacon bits.

Supposed to deep fry the beans as well as the bacon bits. But since all are recovering, I just stirred fried with a little garlic so that it will not be so oily and heaty.

1. French beans (sliced)
2. Garlic (minced)
3. Bacon strips (minced)

1. Fry the garlic in heated oil till fragrant.
2. Pour in the minced bacon and French beans, fry till cooked.

(By right, French bean is to be deep fried for 5 mins
And the bacon bits are supposed to be deep fried too)

For dinner, we continued with the lotus root soup as I normally cooked sufficient enough to last for lunch and dinner. I just added another dish on top of what my mil has cooked. I tried preparing Tau Kua with fermented bean paste ( Got the recipe from wokking mum)

1. One piece of tau Kia
2. One piece of fermented beancurd

1. 1/2 table spoon of fermented beancurd sauce
2. 1/2 teaspoon sugar
3. 1 piece of fermented beancurd
4. 20ml water

( I would feel that the seasoning to use double the amount for one tau Kua would be much nicer)

1. Deep fried the tau kua cubes till golden brown.
2. Add in the sauce and stir fried until all cubes are coated with sauce and dish out when sauce is beginning to dry up.

And during my dinner, Xav asked for soup again and had another two servings!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hari Raya Haji lunch

Today's Hari Raya Haji. Finally get to spend some time with Xavier but the poor daddy is on duty.

Brought him down for a morning walk and as well as to buy some masks. Hee.. Xav helped me with the shopping bag till he was tired and passed it back to me.

Made vegetable miso soup and cod fish for Xavier's lunch to go with some plain rice topped with a little furikake.

Here's the vegetable
Miso soup.

I used a small portion of:
1. Tomato diced
2. Brocolli diced
3. Tofu diced
4. Shimeiji mushroom stems

Simply just mixed 400ml of water with half a tablespoon of miso, put in the veg and bring to boil. Fast and easy. Cook about 10 mins.

Next is Cod fish with miso.

1. Rub the cod fish with a pinch of pepper and salt.
2. Pan fried the shimeiji mushrooms with a pinch of salt for about 2 mins and set aside.

3. Pan fried the cod fish, top with shimeiji mushrooms, pour the miso soup over and serve.

Xav had a big serving and shortly... I caught him lazing on the bed when he was watching his show...

And he turned "stoned" since then.. Guess then recovering stage is pretty tiring or he had a too fulfilling lunch..

Less than 5mins, he gave a big yawn ...

Came down from the bed and lie onto me, sitting on the floor and then just fell asleep on my lap !! Good huh !

Anyway, have decided to give up my new job, withdraw Xav from
Childcare and take care of him personally again after seeing him falling sick for so long..

Meanwhile shall prob source around to see what I can do from home...
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Over the weekends

With Xavier being grounded, that's nothing we can do over the weekend but only to bring him for a walk in the park.

Poor fellow for unknown reason was running a high fever. So far it has been in control after giving neurofen.

Both father and son lazing on the bed while watching tv.

And here's Xavier trying to take his own temperature. You should have seen it at the clinic. He will goes "ti ... ti..." whenever the doc wants to take his temperature and he will just take the thermometer away from the doc after temperature was taken.. Heee ... Funny fellow..

And yes, this boy always like to meddle with my stuff.. Look at him trying out my KCK die cutting machine.

And my sunglasses were not spared as well...

Here's stylo Xavier with the oversized glasses!!

And watching his favourite show while putting on the mask.

M still thinking what was the thing that made him laugh..

And daddy gave him a new hair style when he was perspiring like nobody business.. Check this out ... Cool ?!!

Made him onigiri for dinner and water cress soup to go along with.

And also not forgetting that he keeps on going "cat cat cat" when he sees the cat !

He learnt to sing along with me for a new song "My Bonnie"

He will say those words in BIG CASE...
Mummy: my bonnie lies over the ...
Xav: 'CEAN CEAN" (ocean)
Mummy: my Bonnie lies over the ....
Xav: "SEA"
Mummy: my bonnie lies over the ...
Xav: 'CEAN CEAN" (ocean)
Mummy: oh please bring back my Bonnie to ...
Xav: "ME"
Mummy: Bring ...
Xav: "BAG" (back)
Mummy: oh bring ...
Xav: "BAG"
Mummy: oh bring back my bonnie to me to ...

We will sing this song every night before he sleeps and that I provided I'm home early ....

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Friday, November 20, 2009

My lil' helper [Part 2]

Had took leave yesterday to stay with Xavier as he needs to be on the 4 hrly neubaliser.

Had a day with him... Brought him to NTUC to shop for his meat and veg as stocks are running low ... Hee...

While waiting for the bus, this little mischief was walking round and round the glass panel.

Here's helpful Xavier helping me to carry my shopping basket.
Xav: Mummy, shall we start our shopping ? U relax ok while I help you with the basket .

"off we go " !!!

"why is my basket still empty ? "

Made him minced meat porridge for his lunch

And steam egg tofu with carrots to go with.

While I made myself a bowl of steamy hot macaroni for lunch on a rainy afternoon. SHIOK !!

And Xavier had a bowl for his dinner as well.

It has been a long long time since I had playtime with Xavier before his bedtime.

The poor boy has to be on neub till he goes back for review on Tuesday.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My little helper !

Let me introduce my part time helper.... Xavier Chua !!

Look all set to help me (make the place messier instead) clean up the room !

Xav: mummy's gonna give me my reward later ... Yummy Swiss rolls from crystal jade.

Ok work's done, now it's reward time ! Uumph ....

Yummy, wanna share with me ?

Xav: Before i shower, let me play with the toy house.

Anyway, we named the figurines mainly ; daddy, mommy and baby.

After his noon nap. We went over to Han's place.

Here's Edna in her jumperoo !

And Xavier was helping Edna to "bounce" by shaking !! Our heart almost pop out man!!

Later, settle the two little ones plus a big one to watch baby Einstein.

Here's the big one with the smaller one! Hahha ... Daddy Han with princess Han.

Check out Xavier's tarzen catwalk pics in facebook yeah !!!

Orh yeeee orh yeeeee orh....

Looking forward to dec when christmas mood is in the air...

What should I get for all..... Shopping time !!!

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