Friday, October 16, 2009

Yu Guo ~ 3rd Visit

Wednesday was closed ...... and can you imagine, only skipped for one day, without going for the tui-na and the cough came back !!!! Not sure if it's all about psychological effect or the tui na really works ..

Went back on Thursday, but it's a different doc this time. Xav was given another type of herbal pack. This time round was to wrapped around for 24 hours.

But he still coughed though. Strangely enough, it's only between 10.30 pm to midnight. After that, he was alright and slept through with one or two short cough during his sleep.

These two days, been making crysanthemum tea for him to bring down his internal heat. Hopefully, his is not that type of cough that lasts for 100 days.

Just a reminder to those who does not know that you can't take fish and chicken when you are having a cough.

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