Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yet another shocking surprise !

Yesterday, we brought Xav to Dr Ong to check if he's well enough to take the 2nd dosage of the MMR as he was supposed to take in end of sept. PLUS he is also late for his 18 months DPT Booster jab (faint...why so many jabs ?!?!...)

Got a shock out from it. Not only we did not managed to have his jab taken, as he was still rather phlegmy, Dr Ong said that he has to be on neubaliser for every 4 hourly for three days and go back for review on thursday !!

There goes our initial plan of wanting to bring him to sentosa Underwater World as we thought he is more appreciative and responsive to his surroundings now.

He can tell us "Fish" from far when he sees the tanks in shopping malls ! So we thought he might enjoy if we bring him to see the big fishes there !

Anyway, gotta go back home for the neub sessions ! Here's Xav enjoying his show after the neub session ...

Enjoying his favourite steam "Man-tou" at the same time .. shiok heh !

He always love to stuff his mouth full when he eats bread or anything soft ! Look how greedy he can be...

He can eat and do the actions @ the same time ! When the word "Chin" is screened ...

Brought him down for a walk in the neighbourhood in the late noon. Here's daddy trying to bite Xavier again...

A very sweet moment which I managed to capture when Xav rested his cheek on daddy's face.. Look @ how daddy is enjoying !

Been a long time since Xav came to the playground, but his hand and eye coordination in climbing up this ladder has improved greatly !!

He moved up much faster and more coordinated but of course with assistance from daddy,

Xav: I'm reaching !!

Xav: Finally !!

Sitting on the shaking bridge ...

Xav: Watch me do my pull ups !!

Xav: one... up .... !!

Xav: Guess how long can I hang there !

PHEW ... tired ... As if daddy is training me for IPPT !!

Xav: I'm up again !!

"Horsey horsey don't you stop, just let your feet goes cliperty clop ..."

Heeee haa.... here I come !!

Recently, Xavier's language skills picked up quite a bit. Whenever, I read to him a sentence in a book, he will try to repeat the last word of every sentence.

Now he sees duck, be it a toy or picture, he will tell me it's "duck" and he has been imitating how an elephant, parrot, dog and cat sounds ! Sounds fun ?! I download the animal sounds into the iphone and he loves it. Once a day, I will go through that with him.

And he learnt to call "daddy" and will say "daddy" whenever he sees daddy's picture in my mobile phone and also he is learning how to say "Hi"

For flashcards, now he recognises and knows how to say it out for "Tiger, Eye, Sit, Clap and Eat"

He just learnt star and moon. "Moon" was when I sang "Hey diddle diddle" to him. Hence, now, when I sang till before the "Moon" word, he will goes "mmm" and surprisingly, when I read "The very hungry caterpillar" to him on the first page:

Mummy: In the light of the ...
Xav: mmmm (Moon)
Mummy: a little ...
Xav: Eh (egg)
Mummy: lay on a leaf.

Quite an achievement for him here. Looking forward to read together with him.

Another mischievous side of him was now he planted his kiss on our face coupled together with a "Lick".. oh gosh .. imagine he starts licking you on your cheek! But quite cute though ! hahaha...

Been teaching Xavier how to say "Urine" whenever he pees .. hoping that he would tell me whenever he wanted to but I know that takes time especially for boys to learn how to control. But he actually utter "urine" during his shower yesterday when he was pee-ing. He also repeats after me "change" whenever I change his diaper and he will lift up both his legs high when I say "legs up", it's for me to wear his diaper easier.. =p

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