Friday, October 9, 2009

Stirred Fried Broccoli with minced meat

The day before, Xavier had stirred fried broccoli with cheery tomato slices and minced meat with tomata paste to go with cous cous. I have added some minced prawns in it as well to gradually introduce seafood to him after 18 months.

I'm glad that Xavier eat almost everything. At least, I prepared a balanced diet for him without having to worry that he does not want greens. So long as the food is not hard to chew, he will practically just take anything we gave him.

Earlier had brought him down for a walk as he knows to how to tell us that he wants to go down for a walk by waving his hands frantically and walk to the door !

He had always loved to sit on the red benches available in the park. Here's Xavier with the big kor kor.

I'm like almost half dead to be grounded with him at home everyday. Mainly, to pass time, either I surf for soup recipes or I bring Xav down for walks, most of the time, I'm in the kitchen either washing my clothes or just cooking meals and soups.

Coming up next will be Apple soup with Kernel Almonds.

Anyway, a quick update on Xavier. He surprises us again. This time round, I showed him the word "SIT" and he read it out to me ! I taught him "Chin" recently. He could now showed me the following body parts correctly: head, hair, nose, ear, mouth, chin, tongue, fingers, hand, toes and legs.

I'm still trying to teach him elbow, eye, knees and ankle.

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