Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spare rib soup with black bean and lotus seed

Had a small clean up earlier in the morning and my nose started to sneeze non stop due to the sensitivity to dust. Wouldn't it make a good excuse to excuse me from doing house chores the next time ? hahahahha ...

Initially had planned to bring Xav out for an early lunch, after that dear dear can bring him back while I go down to visit Edna. wHo knows, this fellow again, fell asleep at 11 am !!! Guess he was too tired from his early waking this morning at 5.30am. I wonder was it because eh slept too early the day before (7.30pm while he was half way watching the show)

Ended up, we went for a quick lunch with him asleep in the pram and we went back home as my runny nose was making me so tired.

Went to NTUC before we left to grab some prawns for tonight's dinner.

Very weird combination for tonight's dinner .. hahahahah ... Combo of western and asian food.
1. Crab Meat Stick Salad as appetizer
2. Marmite Prawns
3. Spare rib soup with Black Bean and Lotus Seed
4. Porridge (Supposed to cook rice, who knows in-laws went out last minute and said that they will be having dinner outside)

Imagine 20 large prawns, one big plate of crab meat stick salad and one big pot of soup for just two person ! so I told dear dear, prefer to eat porridge as it is less fulfilling as rice in order to finish up everything.

With the two of us, plus little Xavier, we finish all the soup and dishes !

Xavier loves the soup ! The end result is rather thick and tasty ! One word to describe "SHIOK" heee ... he keeps asking for more soup during his dinner and even had my share during my dinner ! This soup here can help tonifies blood and eyesight, nourishes yin and removes heat.

(Pic to load later)

Ingredients as follows:
1. 100g Black beans

2. 100g Lotus seed

3. 60g Solomonseal Rhizome (Supposed to be 100g, but I had insufficient)

4. 100g Barley

5. 50g Dried Longan

6. Some ginger
7. 500g Spare ribs
8. 1 litre water
9. Salt to taste

1. Blanch spare ribs in boiling water and remove.
2. Combine all ingredients except salt into pressure cooker, boil for 20 -30 mins (Allow pressure to settle after switching off the fire)
3. Add salt to taste and serve.

It's really yummy ! A nice soup to try !

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