Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pears/Apples with Fig fruit, Fritillaria and Kernel Almonds

This recipe was given to me by the chinese sinseh to cook for all of us who have caught the cough bug.

Fig fruit can clear heat and phlegm, nourish the lungs and aids digestion with it's high fibre content.

Fritillaria also known as Chuan bei, at the same time, too remove heat, moistens the lungs, clears phlegm and relieves cough. It is very effective against prolonged cough due to vacuity of lungs.

1. 140g fig fruit (I cut into half)
2. 70g Kernel Almonds
3. 20g Chuanbei powder
4. 12 bowls of water (Chinese bowl)
5. 2 large pears (Shui Li)/ apples, cored (if not 3-4 for small pears/ apples)

1. Put everything into pot and bring to boil.
2. Simmer for one hour and serve.

Xavier loves it and drank one full cup within 15 mins. Hopefully this works on him and is able to stop his cough at night and in the early morning. I'm exhausted from the night wakings when he was disturbed by his cough when the phlegm just got stuck in his throat.

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