Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lotus Roots with Cranberry beans soup

Yesterday made Lotus Roots with Cranberry beans soup for both lunch and dinner.

Method and ingredients used is the same as how I prepared the former SOUP, just that this time I added cranberry beans.

Cranberry beans also known as Zhen Zhu Dou, looks sweet in the pink and white coating.

(Pardon the phone pics)

I bought a pack from the fresh market for $2 a pack for 240g.

The beans were so soft and gave the soup a powdery effect when stirred. The aroma of the soup is great ! Dear dear's reaction when I first open the cover "wow ... smells nice ... "

I used the soup to cook porridge for Xavier and there he goes, lotus roots porridge with minced meat.

By end of dinner, as usual, soup all sold out. Glad that they like it.

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