Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Been running in and out of KKH ... Poor Xavier was admitted in for acute bronchiolitis yet again ! He had his first episode in June this year ... And this cough bug he got from his classmate, eventually landed him in hospital.

His cough worsen when I brought him down to mum's place on last sunday. The coughing interval was so frequent that I felt so uncomfortable about it. By dinner time, I decided to bring him to KKH to make sure he is not wheezing as I thought that I couldn't wait till tomorrow for his PD. What if in the middle of the night, something happened .... and you see, truely enough, the doc told me he was wheezing slightly and his breathing is quite fast. It be good to admit him for further observation.

Luckily, no drips were needed this time round as he could still take in fluid. They put him from a every 4 hrly to 6 hrly, neubaliser treatment, so as to loosen up the cough. No other medication were given as they believe in clearing the phlegm first, coughing will just heal by itself, depending on his own immune system.

1st night, after he fell asleep, it is so much easier to put this over him, else he would be screaming and crying in fear, thinking that pain might be inflicted on him.

He had a 3N stay at KKH and finally got discharge today after he was given the oral syrup instead of needing him to inhale the medication like an astronaut with the box over his whole head and face.

The next day, he had a hearty breakfast ! His bad cough did not affect his appetite definately ! He had cornflakes, two slices of bread plus 120ml of milk.

Playing at the rest area ... and he wanted to put himself into the frame of the bead chaser !

When caca came to visit yesterday, we went to the garden to take a walk while Xav had his fun running around !

I found this at the Admission office when we went there to sign the medisave form. They were exhibiting the apparatus used in the 1950s.

This is interesting ! "The foot that rocks the cradle"

At the end of the bed, did you see a white cradle ? This is how the story comes about.

From the boards" By the 1950s, childbirth had changed from an event that took place in the home to a hospital-centered event. Giving birth in a hospital became an event that drew women together, as could be seen in the backdrop photo. The postnatal ward was also referred to as a "fish market" by the midwives - because of the din arising from about a hundred beds in the C ward. In those days, there were so many babies born and not enough midwife hands; it was the mother's foot that rocked the cradle !

Follow by a Baby balance here on your top right.

From the boards "This spring calibrated hand-held scale is light weight, portable, and compact, so as to fit in midwifery kits used in 1940s and 50s. The infant was placed in the sturdy sling with two rings, through which the hook at the end of the spring scales - calibrated in pounds - was attached.

Approximately one-sixth of all newborns globally suffered from Low Birth Weight (LBW), the single most important underlying risk factor for infant mortality. This low cost and simple to use device is useful for identifying life-saving interventions for LBW high-risk infants in cases where infants are born at home and conventional weighing scales are unavailable. "

The next picture shows some exhibits such as the operating table/ birthing table, drip stand, steam heated instrument boiler, infant incubator as well as a chemical sterilization container.

Then, we headed for our breakfast at Delifrance while waiting for the medication to be prescribed to Xav.

Xav's been given "Iliadin" nose drop to clear the congestion as well as Salbutamol to open up his airway.

Shall keep Xavier with me until end of October, hopefully he can fully recover by then so that I can start work with an ease of mind =)

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