Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Massage @ Yu Guo

Brought Xav to "Yu Guo" for massage yesterday, together with Jo and Edna. Poor tots .. both are sick and poor mummies equally tired from taking care of the cranky ones.

Steph recommended me to bring Xav there long time back, but did not managed to find the correct time to go. I went there once for treating my backache with acupuncture.

Yu Guo also specializes in Baby Massage for the babies well being. Anyway, brought Xav there to see if they can do anything to cure his cough, despite having to haven taken Ventolin about a bottle and a half for two weeks, he is still coughing and these few nights, we hardly get a good night's sleep due to his frequent wakes, not only that, he woke up being so frustrated ! He can just kicked angrily in his sleep and scratch himself. We thought that the room temperature was too warm for him as he could not sleep in the air con.

The physician told me that Xav's stomach is a bit bloated and had advised me not to overfeed Xav. The has resulted in him not being able to digest properly while he was sleeping and as a result, he felt "burning hot" in his body when he sleeps at night. This explains the frequent frustrated wakes.

After the consultation, followed by a massage by the therapist. It was not painful at all, as they used very gentle strokes. But Xav was crying on and off, probably, he doesn't like to be "touched" by strangers !! hahah..

She did the "Gua4 Sha1" on Xavier's back, it's also a very gentle process, his back turned "pinkish red", and was told that Xav's internal is very heaty, by doing that, the internal can be "removed" in a way.

Xav was given four herbal packs to be worn on the belt, covering his belly button for treatment of his cough and to sleep better.

I did not give him his last feed (Milk) for yesterday as he had late dinner at about 6pm. True enough, he woke lesser last night, think he woke only once and that only wake was not as frustrated as before and most importantly, he coughed lesser.

Today, probably I shall bring him back for another session if it really can help him.

Details of the clinic as follows:

YU GUO Chinese Physician Acupuncture & Physiotherapy Pte Ltd
8-B Jalan Masjid #01-04
Kingston Terrace
Singapore 418929
Tel: 64474761

Nearest Mrt: Kembangan


Gillian said...

Hi, do you still bring your child to Yu Guo? Does the massage cause any bad effects on the child organ when doing? And how long does it takes for the child to recover from his cough?

My son has been having cough for months and just recently recover from fever.

Appreciate your advice.

xavvy said...

Hi Gillian,

my apologies for failing to read your message like after a year !!! I have not been going to Yu Guo for years.

Hope your child's respiratory system has improved much.

From my own experience, work on the child's diet. Do not give dairies, citrus inducing food, egg yolks and chicken when the child is having a cough.

Note that cough syrup only suppresses the symptoms but do not cure. I am mainly on natural healing with diet, Young Living essential oils and will only go for TCM if I really need to bring him for a check to make sure everything is fine.

Swimming has greatly benefitted Xav and he has outgrown his mild asthmatic condition since three years ago. Hope this helps. Drop me an email if you need more help. =)

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