Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 sick babies

Now taking care of two sick babies, one big baby and one small baby. Can guess it right, both father and son are sick ! I'm the last one standing though I don't feel well myself but thank god, my condition this time is not as serious as theirs. The big baby had went thrice to the doc within 2 weeks with the persistant cough that wouldn't go away.

The small baby, little Xavier had a prolonged cough and cold for about three weeks. Could have got it from his classmates who were spotted coughing quite badly when I brought Xavier to his class. Can't be prevented I guess, but how I wished that the parents can be more responsible in making sure that the kids are well enough to go back to school so as not to pass their bugs to other kids. Social responsibility seems to be lacking nowadays ... Shall not comment much on this.

Anyway, Xavier went to Dr Ong on last thursday for his cough and cold. I was told that by Sunday he should be well.
He was given Zyrtec Syrup, Polaramine syrup (To replace Actifed, since he is not getting any better despite the fact that he was given a full ) , Mucosolvan as well as Ventolin for his medication.

However, on tuesday, his phlegm remained as heavy and thick when he coughed. Feared that his bronchilotis might come back, to have a peace of mind, I brought him back to Dr Ong on Wednesday. And he told me xavier was wheezing slightly!

He had his neubaliser treatment at the clinic before going home. He also mentioned that Xavier should get well by sat latest sunday if not we would have to rent the neubaliser unit for his treatment at home should his condition worsen. He changed his medication back to the usual ones. Zyrtec drops this time round as it's more concentrated by 0.9% as compared to the syrup, Actifed Syrup, Ventolin, Flumucil Powder for his Phlegm and Singulair Sachet for his cough and wheezing.

Xavier is also to be grounded at home and stay away from school for two weeks to make sure he don't catch another bug again as this time round his airway could have got infected.

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