Monday, September 14, 2009

New Cam "Panasonic DMC-TZ 7"

Thanks dear dear for the gift. He just bought one Panasonic TZ-7 to replace the Canon Camera. Went to quite a few outlets before we managed to get hold of the model. The review of this model was pretty good that some outlets actually were out of stock. Finally, we managed to get it at Harvey Normal located at Raffles City for the colour I wanted.

First try by dear dear @ Sushi Tei for little Xavier. Either it's the lappy screen faulty or the settings of the cam has not been done properly. I find it abit grainy ...

My turn to play next !! hee heee.. As usual, Xav will be my model ! hahahaha ...

Happily clapping his hands as he walked ...

Here's what happened when he saw my bubble tea.

Xav: wah, mummy ! bubble tea !! I saw it but why didn't you share it with me ?
Mummy: Xavier, no no ... you can't drink tea !

Xav: I dun care ! I just want it !!

Xav: *laughing to himself silently" heh heh heh heh heh.. I knew this trick works on mummy... I GOT IT !!!

Mummy: Xav, mummy won't fall into your trick. It's just an empty cup with ice cubes ! wahahahahah ... now you see who wins ? hehehehehe

Xav: It's alright ... Ice is fine with me ...

Xav: Sshhh ... Let me try it before mummy sees ...

Xav: Opps... Kenna Spotted . Better change tactics ... Let me be sweet alright ... "Mummy, would you like to have a sip ?" This tactic works every time and mummy is most happy when I share my food with her !

Alright .. time to go back for dinner !!

Xav: Make a guess ! Why am I on all smiles ? B'cos mummy gave me strawberries !!

Xav: It's really nice !! I'm soooo happy !!

Xav: Mummy... heeee.. Can I have more please ?

Xav: Meanwhile, I perform for you alright ? Just give me your commands ..

Mummy: Xav, "arms up"

Mummy: Xav, can you show me where is your nose ?

Cute isn't he ... I'm looking forward for more achievement from this little boy. Even the slightest achievement he made, can really make my day.

Recently, Xav likes this book which i bought from Borders "Jigsaw Jungle".

There is this page on the lion which goes
"I'm a golden lion,
look @ my sharp claws.
I'm very friendly really,
despite my scary roar."

After I finish with the roar, Xavier will try his roar by going "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" and it only applies to the lion and not the other three animals.

Normally, I would have a good laugh over it !

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