Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mummy's turn ... ...

Right on Monday .. Not sure if it's Xavier's bug or I simply just caught a chill when I was returning from marketing when I suddenly felt the cold wind blowing.

Followed by a high fever during the dinner which last through the night despite having taken 2 dosage of the panadol. Fever did not subside but ended up with a swollen right eye due to medication allergies.

Was so paranoid as after the doc's visit, I was told to monitor for any development of rashes. All symptoms such as giddiness, high fever, vomitting and sore throat came except for the rashes. Initially, I thought that Xav has passed me his bug. Who knows, my sore throat worsen, it was so painful that I could not even eat my meals.

Went to doctor again and this time, was diagnose as Tonsillitis. It has been years ago since my tonsils act up. What luck. Till now, I can only eat porridge. Even when I'm not talking, just breathing alone can hurt my throat.

And you know, when I'm sick, I always crave for things that I cannot eat !! Anyway, been eating ice-cream almost everyday to soothe my poor throat... ...

Hopefully, by the time I finish my course of antibiotics, the pain disappears ..

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