Friday, September 25, 2009

F1 fever

Recently, the F1 event just ended. And Xavier had his F1 fever too ... This post has been rotting in the draft folder ever since the laptop was sent in for repair.

We brought him to the airport for dinner and there was a promotion that every $20 bucks you spent, you get to go on the Grand Prix circuit for two rounds. Heee .. The car's quite cute, but the speed sucks ! hahahah ... Only those who experienced my driving will know why I said that heh. By the way, I love high speed driving =P

Here's a group pic with the Hans and the future F1 driver .. Vrrooom.... (Unable to upload, please refer to facebook for the pics)

There was another roadshow at Millenium Walk. This time round, Xavier had the hot babes with him ! Lucky boy heh !

He was so engrossed with the car that he doesn't want to come out from it !

Eventually, we managed to take a family pic and got a printed copy from the roadshow.

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