Monday, September 28, 2009

Children's Day Celebration @ Rainbow Cove

On 27th Sept 2009, Rainbow cove had held a mini carnival to celebrate Children's Day ! The school and teachers' team really put in effort to make this celebration a memorable one.

Xavier started off at the bouncing castle ! Initially, he held back a while, not wanting to go into the castle.

But shortly after, he got warmed up and started to bounce in there until he was so reluctant to come out !

There were other game stalls such as Shooting Game, Dino land

, Drive Home

, and Long Kang Fishing

for the kids to try their hands on.

Under daddy's guidance, Xav tried his hands at Long Kang Fishing !

Tah-dah ! He caught two fishes !

And guess what he did, he was so fascinated that he shook the cup where the fishes were put in ! Poor fishes ! Must be giddy from Xavier's shake !!

But I returned the fishes back to the pool as Xavier still doesn't know how to take care of pets.

After an hour of fun, time for some snacks ! He had some mini muffins and watching Teacher Carol as she was mending the food stall, preparing hotdog buns for the parents and kids! (Pics in daddy's handphone)

Before going back, we brought Xavier to sit on the swing ! He loves it ! Shall load the video up when I can !

Gonna be a long weekend for Xavier this week ! No school on Children's Day and Teachers' Training the next day ! Happy Children's Day kids ! And poor Xavier gotta visit Dr Ong to "pay tax" again yet on a holiday !! He caught another bug in the childcare I supposed as I noticed a few kids were coughing away ... Despite having to give him his usual medication for a week or two, the runny nose still persists and follow by his cough .. Better bring him for a check before his bronchitis act up again ...

Before that, had lunch with dad, mum, Jo and Edna. Here's Edna posing with Xiao P ...

I was asking Xavier if he could give Xiao P a hug and there he goes trying to embrace Xiao P in his tiny arms ...

Xav: Xiao P, why is your nose so big ?

Xav: Let's see who is taller alright ?

Xav: I may be small but I'm strong enough to carry you !!

Here's Edna with mummy.

Afterwich, then I brought Xav to Dr Ong and waited for dear dear to come while I had a meet up with Penny.

Hope Xav's cough is better soon !

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