Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in school !!!

After having been absent from school for 7 days, 9 days if you wanna include the weekend, Xavier is back in school.I was surprised ! He did not even make any noise nor cry when I handed him over to the teacher. Initially, I was so worried that he could not get used to the school again after the long break. Xavier proved me wrong ! Well Done, Son ! heee ...

On tuesday, one day before he went back to school, brought Xav to Vivocity for a walk with Jo and Edna.

He always loves to play "catching" with me by running underneath the gigantic display.

Tea time next !! Having @ secret recipe, and Xavier had his fair share, eating both chocolate banana and at the same time eyeing at Jo's Blueberry cheese !!! Greedy Xavier !!!

This time round is Edna's time !! heee .. Here's lil' Edna having her swim !

while Xav's played with the machine outside while waiting for his lil cousin.

The next day, met up with Jo again... heee .. That's how privilege when I'm not working but yet have to look for one heh..

Here's lil white riding hood !!

Then, I went to pick Xavier up and rejoined the gals at Tampines One.

Here's helpful Xavier, trying to help yiyi push the pram. But poor Jo has to look after two instead of one .. hee .. Here's super Jo .. hahahhaa

and Xavier trying to be funny @ Tea Dot, playing peek-a-boo

And yet again.. He helped himself to the slice of blueberry cheese at Carls' Junior after his bowl of porridge! He had some fries as well !

After that, he had more food @ Sushi Tei when dear dear came to join us for dinner ! Isn't he a cow ... was wondering if there is any spurt grow at this stage ... ?

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