Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 7 in Childcare

Anyway, been almost close to 7 weeks since Xav has been in childcare. I actually lost count of it.

Feedback from Teacher Carol was, Xav is adapting really well into it. He has began to join in their activities ! He is more ready now to sit in with the group during the song sessions and the phonics bible session! And she even told me, not sure if it's coincidence, Xav saw letter "B" and he goes "ber ber ber" adn sang along with the song. Another achievement if it's true !

On wednesday, I went to pick the little boy up and I saw him going for his tea break with his freinds ! Here's Elaine and Lucas together with little Xavier. Aren't the little ones cute, sitting by the little table munching on their cookies !

Here's another of Xavier's good friend. Jayden always likes to go and hug him and tell him "Xavier, why are you so cute" hahahhaha ..

Ooopss.. Xav realised he is being snapped !!

Making his way home...

Brought Xav for his haircut as he is going to have his photo taking on friday.

The future F1 racer .. heee .. The same old Xavier ...

A brand new Xavier after his haircut ...

Not sure why he cried till he can tear down the whole of Suntec City. He was alright with the few previous haircut. Guess he mistook the hair stylist for the doctors and nurses or simpy to put it this way, any strangers that come close to him, he will associate pain ? I believe all these are the after effect from the previus hospital stay. Poor boy ... can you imgaine how fearful he was at that time...

Anyway, I allowed him to go on a kiddy ride to pacify him. How fast his mood changed !! Kids are kids ... heee .. Look how happy he can get and can even pose for me.

Here's the vainpot...

Here's Xav with his favourite capsule machines !

and god knows why suddenly he wants to crawl on all fours !!

On friday, got more improvement ! He did not cry or make any noise at all when I handed him over to Teacher Kelly, he happily got down onto the floor and went to have his temperature taken.

Feedback from Teacher Kelly was, Xavier was spreading his baby talk virus ! It was so hilarious that we had a nice laugh when she told me. She told me Xav was the first to woke, then he goes relaxing and lying down and started his "zegezege", this woke two of his fellow mates up, then gradually, the older kids somehow or rather, start to baby talk as well! And by the time, the teachers went up to the room, the whole room was filled with baby talk !! Everyone was "zege zege" all the way !

When he reached home, after his meal, guess what did he do ?

Went up straigt to the roll of toilet paper on the table, he kept tearing piece by piece and ...

CLEAN HIS MOUTH !!! hahahaa... He learnt something new again !

Some other new words he learnt:
1. He also goes "up"'ing when he is in the lift, telling me that he's going up.
2. He will look up to the ceiling and say "nye" ... heeee.. when he sees the lights.
3. When I finish singing a song to him, he will applaude for me !
4. When he is having his meal, I will ask "Xav, is the food nice ?", he will reply me "ni ni" to indicate "nice nice".

It's weekend again ! Looking forward to bring him to Chinese Garden for some picture taking with the beautiful lanterns for the coming mid-autumn festival !

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