Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 3 in Childcare

Week 3 in chldcare has got better. Xavier is adapting well ! He did not cry anymore when I passed him to the teacher. Probably, he only make some "noise" not tantamount to crying though.

Every time when I went to pick him up, I will peep @ him from the window panel before I go into the classroom. He be happily playing along side with the bigger kids or walk around with his bolster.

He seems to like the little tikes car !

Every time, I went to pick him up, for sure he will go into the car, sit and play in it for a while before he decides to leave with me !Maybe I can consider getting this for his 2nd birthday ?

Teacher Carol had just told me today that Xavier is starting to associate with play. When the girls are playing the kitchen stove set, he will play around with the utensils and had even offered her a "drink" from the cup !

And today, he gave me new surprises ! I asked him to show me where is his nose and mouth. He can point it out to me on his face correctly !! Finally !!! I have been waiting for him to show me after having to let him watch YBCR for months !

He has also learnt a new action. Whenever, I sang "Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around ... " He will turn himself around !! I was like... so happy !!! He's learning !!!

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