Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teddy Puffs and mini album

Had left Xav at Amy's house. She helped me to babysit him while I went for my interview. Thanks babe !!

Here's the sweet little Yanyan.

and little Xavier trying to kiss Yan after I taught him how to kiss ..

and Yan's turn to sayang Xavier ... aww... what can be sweeter than these two little sweethearts !!!

Here's Xavier grabbing hold onto a cupcake toy and he pretend play to share the cupcake by feeding us. How nice !!

Happy little one goes monkeying around after his lunch ! Posing for the camera !

Amy recommened me this Healthy Times Teddy puffs. I find the Apple Cinnamon super nice !! Hence, decided to buy one box original

and one box A. Cinnamon

for Xav to try for his breakfast.

This teddy puffs can be taken as cereal (Add milk in) or as finger food ! Quite cute as the puffs are in shapes of teddies !

As usual, Xavier will take it with fruits.

And not forgetting to thanks Amy, she did a very nice mini album for us using her speciality in scrapbooking. I wanted to learn this long time, but yet to take action !!!!

Here's the beautiful project done by Amy. Thanks babe, we love it to bits !!

Amy did a box with our pics and Xav's pic at the front and back.

The album looks like this back to back.

After lunch, had met dear dear at Cityhall. We spotted the cute little singa which Xav likes. But maybe these are too mini to catch his attention as compared to those you saw at MRT Stations.. hahahha

Here's little Xavier Singa !!!

Not again ....

Hey, daddy, mummy, are you guys done with me !!! Losing my patience soon !!!

We then had our dinner at Sushi Tei.

Golden Roll !!!! Yumm !!!

X: Sooo... full, had filled my tummy with the oishii chawanmushi, golden roll ... ...

We shall call it a day ! Be back for another feast again !

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