Thursday, August 20, 2009

@ Siglap Coffee Club

That day went down to mum's place together with Jo after Edna's massage @ Kembangan.

Watch out for the future little champions ! Lil' Edna wearing her daddy's medal from the Army Half Marathon !

& Xavier terror refused to take the medal off his neck after Uncle Han placed it around his neck ! And goes around hijacking the phone.

Anyway, we did have the thoughts of training Xavier up so that he can participate in marathons in the future together with his daddy ! Cool heh !

We went for tea and early dinner @ Siglap Coffee Club. Dunno how Xavier is going to place his orders with the menu upside down. See Edna's "grin" ? hahahahhahaha .. quietly laughing @ Xavier !

hmmmmmm.. what should I order ... ...

and I caught Xavier digging his nose ! What an act !! Recently, I think he discovered that the nostrils have holes and he can poke his finger in.

sniff... I smell food !!! Dinner time, mummy ?

oopsss... shown the greedy side of me .. hee heee ... so shy ...

yeah !! Sharing a slice of chocolate fudge cake with yiyi... yummy !!

Edna: why did mummy give Xavier kor kor but not me !! Where's my cake !!

We went back after that, calling it a day as the little ones had a long day out !

Just a little something to share, Xavier recently had become so mischievous. I was using the time out rule on him. I will normally says I count to 3, you'd better ... 1 .. 2 .. before I can finish, Xavier will help me to finish by saying 3 !!! I was like... should I be angry or happy that he can finish up for me.

And he starts to name things like Star, Car, trees and no. 3 (sounds the same).. and he goes on with his ze ge ze ge ze ge ......

Hope to hear you speak soon !

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