Saturday, August 8, 2009

National Day Celebration @ Rainbow Cove

It's Xavier celebrating his 2nd National Day !

We went to have our breakfast before heading towards his school. Happy lil' Xavier !

Xav, are you trying to sing "Majulah Singapura" ??

There was no school on 7th August 2009, as they were having the Observants Day in school.

They had a mini carnival with games stalls manned by parents volunteers. The kids can try their hands at some traditional kampong games such as Kuti Kuti, Chapteh, Pick up Sticks, Golie- golie and Tikam - Tikam.

Before joining in the games, Xavier had a good time @ the playground.. Here Xavier comes swinging ...... Weee ....

Mummy, I'm ready to slide down and yes, Xav can push himself to slide down and definately enjoying it !

Information on Kuti Kuti:

It is a 2 player game.

Each uses an animal-shaped token to flick on his or her opponent’s token.

The one who successfully flick its token on his or her opponent’s token, obtains the token.

Winner can probably be decided by the most number of kuti-kuti.

Infomation on Capteh:

"Capteh" is patios for shuttlecock. Colourful feathers are attached to a rubber or plastic base. The idea of the game is to keep the shuttlecock airborne for as long as possible by kicking it.

The winner is the player who manages the most number of kicks. Another version is on an agreed target of kicks. The winner is the first one who achieves this target.

The team which scores the most number of kicks after all the players have had their turns, wins the game.

Information on Pick up sticks:

It is a very simple game featuring 2 players, whose aim is to pick up sticks and not touch other sticks whilist picking them up.

The winner is someone who picks the sticks up first.

Information on golie-golie:

Marbles can be played in many different ways. In many of the ways, the winner gets to keep the marbles he has acquired through the game. This was very popular last time, as it meant hours of fun because of the variations of game play that could come with it. Also, children would feel excited buying marbles to get one of the opponents’ one that they fancy.

Here's Xavier wanting to try his hands at the game but then at the same time doesn't want to throw the marble !

This is Tikam Tikam

Mummy, what's next ?

The kids performed by singing some of the National Day songs

Lil' Xavier joins in too !! Waving wildly with the flag in his hand !

Ended the celebration by singing a birthday song to Singapore !

Poor boy was so tired from all the playing, I fed him lunch till he fell asleep ! This was the second time, you can really see that he munched until he slept !

After the carnival, brought him to Bugis to meet Jo and Little Edna ! While waiting, Xav had his remaining lunch, and of course sometimes need to entertain the little prince to make him happier when he eats.. hahahah ... Think I'm spoiling him silly!

But I love to see his smiles ...

He just simply loves fountain and he can stand there just to watch for a long time.

The 2 fellows initially fell asleep in the pram while we were at Iluma. But Edna woke from her super short cat nap. You'll never believe it until you see with your own eyes. She stopped crying when she hears techn music !!! Goodness.. the future techno queen !! hahhaha.. While poor Xav is the opposite !

That's all for the friday before weekends come. Happy 44th Bithday Singapore in advanced !

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