Friday, August 28, 2009

Herbal Chicken Porridge

I bought the ready spices for Emperor Herbal Chicken to steam chicken wings.

Had the intention of steaming the wings, shred the meat and use the gravy to cook porridge for the little prince.

It's yummy ! It can be prepared for the rest of the family as well ! More info on herbs, please click here.

The pack consists of:
1. Ginseng
2. Wolfberry
3. Chinese Angelica Root aka "Tang Kuei"
4. Codonopsis Root aka "Dang Shen"
5. Ligusticum (Cnidium) aka "Chuan Xiong"
6. Solomon's Seal Rhizome aka "Yu Zhu"
7. Bei Qi
8. Pepper & Salt
9. Red Date

1. All of above from the pack
2. One pack of chicken wings


It can be eaten straight away once cooked.

But if used for porridge, I scooped up some gravy and dilute it with water.

4. Using the diluted herbal gravy, cooked porridge with it.

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