Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday !

Three years more to hit the BIG "3" !! Anyway, don't be surprised if I disclosed my age here ! Probably, I belong to the category who feels that what's there to hide about one's age ! hee...

On tuesday, dear dear had took leave to spend some time with me. He suggested going for movies since we really had no where to go ! Buffet lunch @ T3 was called off because we had a relatively late lunch @ home and it was like... so full ... Mil cooked me the birthday Mee Sua. Thanks !

I hardly watch movies ever since I went into my first career, only watch when I want to accompany dear dear for the show. One main reason is because I hate to sit down for hours in the cinema and freezing cold just to watch a show. Secondly, I have stayed clear from horror movies due to psychology reason, I am very imaginative ! hahahah... ...

Anyway, we watched "ORPHAN" @ Lido. This freaking stupid, crazy and violent character
"Esther" in the show, made me left so many finger nail marks on my right arm. First, it was so cold that I rather hug myself to fight the cold than to hug dear dear. He's lucky to escape from having my nails being dug into his arm !!

After that, we shopped around for Xavier's stuff and went to pick him up from school. Our next stop was to T3 !

As there is lesser crowd there, he is allowed to roam around freely. Look @ how happy he can be ! I love this pic !

Then, we went to one of the playgound for him to spend some time playing before we went to have our dinner.

Went into one of the kids store and he was like happily playing around with the toys on the shelves.

Had our dinner @ Popeye Chicken. Xavier was totally into the cartoon and we had our dinner without much fuss from him for wanting to come down from his chair to go for walks.

Here's Xavier doing his balancing act !

Spotted a bouncing castle after our dinner. And there Xavier went bouncing till he was so reluctant to go home !

This was set up to promote the Youth Olympic Games. The staff was kind enough to help us take a nice family pic and printed it out as well !

Had a nice, simple, and happy, birthday outing. Waiting for my birthday gift heh !! hahahaha.. gonna get a new mobile phone from deardear this year =P

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