Sunday, August 16, 2009

Farewell Dinner for Chewys

Gonna miss the Chewys for a year as they are going with Daddy Chewy to Nanjing. Xavier gonna miss disturbing Elliot and his company while mummy here, gonna miss her shopping companion and one listener to pour her heart out. Luckily, someone had invented MSN. We can still keep in touch via MSN.

Had arranged for a farewell dinner @ Marina Square "Hotpot Cultural" for the couple.

In the morning, had brought Xavier to ECP for his first cycling trip ! Had walked from home to ECP.. almost fainted .. cos we did not bring the pram with us, so it was like .. Xavier walking half the journey there

while we take turns to carry him.. Good workout for an early morning heh!

Daddy and Xavier all set for the cycling trip !

Cool ! He likes the wind blowing across his face and guess what !

He fell alseep halfway when dear dear realised that his head was drooping lower and lower to the side ! Too comfortable boi !

Trying to wake sleepy Xavier up......

Daddy, can you please just let me Zzzzz here ......

Before the dinner, had brought Xavier to the Toys Fair @ Suntec Convention Hall where he caught hold of the Mario brothers mascots ! He was simply thrilled and can't have enough of them to the extend of tugging at the Mascots clothing and best part was refusing to let go of Mario's hands !!

And will Xavier be the next Millionaire ?? hahahaha.. We took one with the Monopoly Icon as well.

Here's Xav sitting in the gigantic car"token", that you can see in the board game itself.

Then, we went to Mac for our tea break. Here's Xavier enjoying the Seaweed french Fries and Mc Wings !!! Daddy, here I come !!!

Munch Munch !!! Yummie !!!!!!

We have taught Xavier to share his food. Don't be surprise that he actually offer his food to the teacher who was feeding him in school !

Here's Xavier offering to share his drink with daddy.. how sweet ...

Here's the little game between Daddy and Xavier ...

After that, we went to walk around Marina Square before settling down at Hotpot Cultural for dinner.

Here's the cute little lady and gentleman.

Yan, with her always sweetest smile.

Xavier recognises Amy and yan ! He smiles the moment he saw Yan !

And here's Julian ! He's really cute I tell you. He knows alot of sign languages ! Best part was I finally get to see him dance to one of the songs he learned from High-5 ! Simply irresistably cute ! A smart boy who knows how to express what he wants ! Cool !

Thanks daddies and mummies for turning up @ the farewell dinner. Nice catch up ! Xavier as usual knocked out @ 8.15pm in his pram while we continued to finish up our meal.

That's all for the day ! Oyasuminasai !

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