Saturday, August 29, 2009

@ Changi Airport T3

On Friday, I went to pick up Xavier earlier than normal from school, so that I can bring him along to T3 to send the Chewys off. While waiting for him to wake from his nap, had waited downstairs. The kids there are rather cute though. I showed them a video clip of Xavier destroying the blocks which I built up and they had a nice time laughing. (To view, please click HERE)

One of the bigger kid, Jayden, had liked Xavier so much that he can tell me "Xavier is so cute. He is the youngest baby here. I like him so much !" and he had, on several occasions played with Xavier. Managed to take a group pic of them.

Observing how they danced to the music can be quite amusing ! You'd never know how or who taught them to dance ! They just simply love it and dance themselves away!

Finally, Xavier woke @ 3pm. Luckily, we still made it in time to reach T3 before they check in ! YEAH !!!

After that, brought him to sit down on one of the chairs for his tea break. Had prepared cranberry bread from Four leaves for him.

He likes it and can eat up to 3 slices !

and you know, it's finger licking good !!

Would you like to share with me ? hee hee

One very bad habit of Xavier is, he likes to stuff his mouth full !!

Of course not forgetting to bring him for a round of bouncing session !

Am glad that his stranger anxiety has got much much better ! In terms of strangers, he is no longer afraid of them ! Once @ Bugis junction @ the babies play area, he can run up to one uncle and ask him to carry him !!! Anyway, he was so happy when the big jiejie and kor kor came bouncing towards him !

Xav: Jie jie, come !! I give you my bear hug !

and he went back to bouce himself till he went lying down !

Surprisingly, he did not cry and refused to leave as compared to the previous time we brought him there. HE was so cooperative. so now you see, we think he's super nottie when daddy is around !

We went to join the old folks, Jo and gang for dinner @ Kembangan and went back for an early night.

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