Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 1 in Childcare

Been so busy trying to settle Xavier down in his new childcare this week. Hence, hardly had time to blog and plus the laptop hard disk almost crash !!

And YES !! Not only Xavier cried when he couldn't find me cos I hid myself in a corner, trying to let him get used to not having me around.

And after I left with a heavy heart, I went back home and start packing the room. The moment I stopped doing things, thoughts of Xavier would fill my mind, and I couldn't help but cried and cried for two days. I missed him so much. Never did thought that life can be quite empty without him!

This is Xavier's bag ! One of his favourites, Elmo.

Pack all his diapers, bibs and neccessity inside there..

And this is the set of cute little PE Attire..

His uniform is still abit big for him !

First day:
I accompanied him for the first two hours. Spot where is Xavier ?? He joined in his friends for a short while during their singing session.

And observing their music and movement, sitting by one side.

When the class were having outdoor time @ the playground, I sneaked off ... I went back during lunch time.

He only took one mouthful of the rice, when the teacher fed him. Thereafter, I brought him home and fed him with porridge.

Second day:
Dear dear sent him there. According to dear, Xavier was doing good.. on and off will look for him but when he told him to go and join in his friends and the teacher, he just ran off and joined them but of course will come running back to check if daddy's still around.

Third day:
I went to his class and Xavier was so tired that he had fell asleep and he was hugging his water bottle tight !!

I was like should I laugh or should I feel that he's so pitiful that the bottle was his only sense of comfort and security. But to be truthful, my heart ached at that moment when I saw this.

Gently, I removed away the bottle and waited for him to wake.

He ate more today. But barely one bowl. I brought Xavier lunch and fed him a small portion to make sure he's full.

Fourth day:
Xavier cried when we reached school and did not want to take off his shoes! But today, he stayed longer in the school. Be course the company needs me to start on my job as soon as possible on 3rd August !! This means to say Xavier needs to adapt fast ! I felt so bad towards him.

Anyway, to my delight, when I return for him @ about 2.30 pm. The teachers told me " Xavier's good ! Ate up all the porridge which you brought for him and he was happily running around the room! He didn't cry for the whole day except for the part when he couldn't find you initially when you sneaked off."

This is what Teacher Carol wrote in the comms book..

I went up to peep at him and he was sleeping on the mattress together with a few other kids from the playgroup. He looks so settled down. I'm glad and relieved I must say. Hope he does better next week.

Today, I went to sign my letter of appointment too. Ran all my errands before going to pick up the little darling.

We feel that he has lost quite a bit of his laughter. He's not so jovial anymore. Probably he is still trying t settle down. Cos he hardly have nightmare. These two days, he kept crying in his sleep.

Fifth Day:
Xavier went for a short while as he got to take his MMR jab in the noon. Despite the two short hours, we brought him to school and picked him up at 10am, headed for Seng kang swimming pool, to have some fun together before we went for the jab.

Since he got discharged from the hospital, not only he had stranger anxiety.. he got scared a little initially as he has lost touch with water for some time apart form his shower times of course and probably, the water is really cold despite the hot sun. Funnie ... ...

Daddy and Xavier hiding under the big metal mushroom.

Here's the little boss relaxing in the float.

Going through the little tunnel ...

Dunno what's the silly boy day dreaming about ...

Finally, saw a happier side of Xavier.

Cold cold cold... ...

Imagine he refused to come out of the pool !! Had to drag him out !! hahahaha .. Anyway, bought him a hoodie towel which I had always wanted to buy. Finally, he's tall enough to use !!!! yeah !!

And little xavier took his lunch @ at the pool

before we left for Ikea to have our lunch.

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