Monday, August 10, 2009

@ 16 months

This is Xav's latest update on his development @ 16 months.

See this little mischief !

He has totally wean of teats and bottles and has even started to drink direct from a cup, with minimal spill out ! By means of fork and hands, can self feed himself with fruits.

Actions and simple instructions which he understands and will do it:

Depends on mood:
1. Wave bye bye
2. Flying/blow kiss
3. Did you wave "Hi" (He will then wave to the people he sees or whom he has eye contact with
4. Kiss/love mummy/bear bear.

Caught him kissing the alarm clock !!! hahahhaha

And who knows, he tried to kiss the cat which we were playing with in the park, luckily I blocked him off,

And yes, not only kiss me, he saw Edna's pics in the lappy and he went to kiss the screen !!

5. Sign for milk
6. Jump
7. Stamp your feet
8. Swing your arms
9. Dry your hands (Dun be surprised ! I taught him twice and he knew what to do and where to go after I washed his hands)
10. Take off your shirt (Normally I will assist him in taking out his arms from the arm hole, the rest he can do it himself)
11. Wear your shoes (He will walk over to the rack where his shoes are, sit down and tried to wear the shoes himself),
12. Stand up
13. Bend over (After he pooed in the potty, I be cleaning his butt, he will hold onto my thigh and bend over)
14. Sit down
15. Brush your teeth
16. Comb your hair
17. Take off your shoes (After coming back from his walk, I will say sit down and take off your shoe, and he will sit down and pull open the velcro himself and take out his feet)
18.Roll the ball to me
19.Sit properly and stay (His legs will go postion back within the chair area and sit still)
20. Bubbles time (He will know it's Shower time)

21. Open the door
22. Close the door
23. Wash your hands
24. Help mummy push the pram, please (A good way to make sure he don't run off from me)

25. No touch (He will not touch the things on the shelves when I bring him for shopping to prevent him from breaking anything.)
26. Clap your hands

Sometimes no choice but has to do it:
1. Lie down (Esp when I practised the TIME OUT RULE: I count to 1,2 ... last count 3, he will immediately lie down without fail and pretend to get ready to sleep, which last for about less than a min before he gets up to his mischief again)
2. Hold the bottle (when he likes to bite on to his straw bottle and goes hands free)

3. Hold the chair (when he showered)

Words he understands and trying to speak:
stars (tar), train (trr-ran), water (ber), car (car), meow (eow), mei-mei (sounds similar to eow), E.I.E.I.O (yee ya yee ya yee ya) - When I sing old macdonalds to him and reach E.I.E.I.O, he will repeat after me using his own version ya !,

Songs he recognises and will try to sing:
1. Old macdonalds
2. Twinkle Twinkle little Star

Objects/ Animals he recognises when I say out loud to him:
1. Bird
2. Cat
3. Train
4. Pram
5. Phone

Busy Xavier on the phone...

6. Shoe
7. Star
8. Fan
9. Car
10. Wheels
11. Bao bao (Bolster)
12. Ball

3. Fountain

As his awareness increases day by day, hope he learns to speak soon and talk to me !!!

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