Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's like out of the blue ! On sunday morning, when I fed Xav his breakfast, I did not noticed anything amissed as he finished his cereal in his usual 20 mins duration. But I felt that his little hands were rather "warm", warmer than the usual.

For the past few days, I noticed his fluid intake is much lesser than the norm. I should have been more sensitive to it because normally his fluid intake is quite alot during the day time.

Furthermore, whenever he sees milk, it is very, very, unlikely that he is not interested in it. These two days were like ... keeps me wondering, when did he started to dislike milk ?!

I measured his temperature and was kind of surprised to see 38.2 degree! Immediately, I fed him paracetamol. But the fever did not went down. It was like lurking around and getting higher and higher.

Xavier can still play and ate up his lunch ! Not much fuss from him. I took the noon nap with him but fever came up to 39 deg @ 4pm. Fed him with neurofen. Fever still did not went down until 8pm. I fed him with another dosage of paractamol again.

I was kind of worried as normally his fever will go down after taking neurofen or paracetamol but not this time. As such, had decided to bring him to TMC 24 hr walk in clinic with the accompany of Jo and mum.

Apparently, Xav has not forgotten the previous stay he had in TMC. He still remember the uniform worn by the nurses and the doctor's mask !

He screamed and cried when the doctor tried to examine him, refusing to be examined.
Nevertheless, the doctor saw ulcers at the back of his mouth and diagnose as viral infection. Not by airborne this time but through contact by hand and putting into his mouth !

Was told by doc that I can give Xav some ice cream and cold fluid to soothe his throat.

After we went home, surprisingly, Xavier did not have anymore fever till the next day. But I saw some blisters forming on the inner thighs and some other areas on his legs.

I was like started to suspect that it could be HFMD, because the spots did not appear on sunday.

Brought him to Dr Ong on Tuesday to reassure myself. Indeed, Dr Ong confirm it to be the A type HFMD, not exactly HFMD but the cousin of HMFD, more to the mild side, not the typical serious type.

So my guess was right about it ! No school for Xavier for one week and we shall be grounded at home !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

@ Changi Airport T3

On Friday, I went to pick up Xavier earlier than normal from school, so that I can bring him along to T3 to send the Chewys off. While waiting for him to wake from his nap, had waited downstairs. The kids there are rather cute though. I showed them a video clip of Xavier destroying the blocks which I built up and they had a nice time laughing. (To view, please click HERE)

One of the bigger kid, Jayden, had liked Xavier so much that he can tell me "Xavier is so cute. He is the youngest baby here. I like him so much !" and he had, on several occasions played with Xavier. Managed to take a group pic of them.

Observing how they danced to the music can be quite amusing ! You'd never know how or who taught them to dance ! They just simply love it and dance themselves away!

Finally, Xavier woke @ 3pm. Luckily, we still made it in time to reach T3 before they check in ! YEAH !!!

After that, brought him to sit down on one of the chairs for his tea break. Had prepared cranberry bread from Four leaves for him.

He likes it and can eat up to 3 slices !

and you know, it's finger licking good !!

Would you like to share with me ? hee hee

One very bad habit of Xavier is, he likes to stuff his mouth full !!

Of course not forgetting to bring him for a round of bouncing session !

Am glad that his stranger anxiety has got much much better ! In terms of strangers, he is no longer afraid of them ! Once @ Bugis junction @ the babies play area, he can run up to one uncle and ask him to carry him !!! Anyway, he was so happy when the big jiejie and kor kor came bouncing towards him !

Xav: Jie jie, come !! I give you my bear hug !

and he went back to bouce himself till he went lying down !

Surprisingly, he did not cry and refused to leave as compared to the previous time we brought him there. HE was so cooperative. so now you see, we think he's super nottie when daddy is around !

We went to join the old folks, Jo and gang for dinner @ Kembangan and went back for an early night.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Herbal Chicken Porridge

I bought the ready spices for Emperor Herbal Chicken to steam chicken wings.

Had the intention of steaming the wings, shred the meat and use the gravy to cook porridge for the little prince.

It's yummy ! It can be prepared for the rest of the family as well ! More info on herbs, please click here.

The pack consists of:
1. Ginseng
2. Wolfberry
3. Chinese Angelica Root aka "Tang Kuei"
4. Codonopsis Root aka "Dang Shen"
5. Ligusticum (Cnidium) aka "Chuan Xiong"
6. Solomon's Seal Rhizome aka "Yu Zhu"
7. Bei Qi
8. Pepper & Salt
9. Red Date

1. All of above from the pack
2. One pack of chicken wings


It can be eaten straight away once cooked.

But if used for porridge, I scooped up some gravy and dilute it with water.

4. Using the diluted herbal gravy, cooked porridge with it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 3 in Childcare

Week 3 in chldcare has got better. Xavier is adapting well ! He did not cry anymore when I passed him to the teacher. Probably, he only make some "noise" not tantamount to crying though.

Every time when I went to pick him up, I will peep @ him from the window panel before I go into the classroom. He be happily playing along side with the bigger kids or walk around with his bolster.

He seems to like the little tikes car !

Every time, I went to pick him up, for sure he will go into the car, sit and play in it for a while before he decides to leave with me !Maybe I can consider getting this for his 2nd birthday ?

Teacher Carol had just told me today that Xavier is starting to associate with play. When the girls are playing the kitchen stove set, he will play around with the utensils and had even offered her a "drink" from the cup !

And today, he gave me new surprises ! I asked him to show me where is his nose and mouth. He can point it out to me on his face correctly !! Finally !!! I have been waiting for him to show me after having to let him watch YBCR for months !

He has also learnt a new action. Whenever, I sang "Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around ... " He will turn himself around !! I was like... so happy !!! He's learning !!!

Happy 27th Birthday !

Three years more to hit the BIG "3" !! Anyway, don't be surprised if I disclosed my age here ! Probably, I belong to the category who feels that what's there to hide about one's age ! hee...

On tuesday, dear dear had took leave to spend some time with me. He suggested going for movies since we really had no where to go ! Buffet lunch @ T3 was called off because we had a relatively late lunch @ home and it was like... so full ... Mil cooked me the birthday Mee Sua. Thanks !

I hardly watch movies ever since I went into my first career, only watch when I want to accompany dear dear for the show. One main reason is because I hate to sit down for hours in the cinema and freezing cold just to watch a show. Secondly, I have stayed clear from horror movies due to psychology reason, I am very imaginative ! hahahah... ...

Anyway, we watched "ORPHAN" @ Lido. This freaking stupid, crazy and violent character
"Esther" in the show, made me left so many finger nail marks on my right arm. First, it was so cold that I rather hug myself to fight the cold than to hug dear dear. He's lucky to escape from having my nails being dug into his arm !!

After that, we shopped around for Xavier's stuff and went to pick him up from school. Our next stop was to T3 !

As there is lesser crowd there, he is allowed to roam around freely. Look @ how happy he can be ! I love this pic !

Then, we went to one of the playgound for him to spend some time playing before we went to have our dinner.

Went into one of the kids store and he was like happily playing around with the toys on the shelves.

Had our dinner @ Popeye Chicken. Xavier was totally into the cartoon and we had our dinner without much fuss from him for wanting to come down from his chair to go for walks.

Here's Xavier doing his balancing act !

Spotted a bouncing castle after our dinner. And there Xavier went bouncing till he was so reluctant to go home !

This was set up to promote the Youth Olympic Games. The staff was kind enough to help us take a nice family pic and printed it out as well !

Had a nice, simple, and happy, birthday outing. Waiting for my birthday gift heh !! hahahaha.. gonna get a new mobile phone from deardear this year =P

Monday, August 24, 2009

Polliwogs @ East Cost Park

Polliwogs was the most recent playground which Xavier went to. Had brought him there twice for some fun time.

Thanks David and Angel, for the pics and collages.

Personally, I prefer Polliwogs as compared to Go Go Bambibi. It may not have more varieties than GGB but I like the slides and the space which is big enough for the tots to really run freely !

And plus their mini retro furniture !! I love them !!

While Xavier loves the slides !! He was laughing out so heartily when I carried him in my arms and slide down !

There is a slide which will land you in a pool of balls !

You see, Xavier just can't get enough of holding so many balls in his hands!

There is another smaller pool near to the cafe ... Btw, they provide coffee and tea for the accompanying parents in the cafe with Internet access at the same time.

Dear dear is now shortlisting for venues to plan for his 2nd Birthday ! Fast isn't ! Just about 7 months more to go !!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Yan Palace

Had an advanced birthday celebration with everyone today !

Has decided on Dim Sum @ Yan Palace as it has been a long long time since we had Dim Sum.

This year's Xavier's 2nd year celebrating my birthday with me... Plus plus plus ... With additional of a new family member this year !! Yes, Edna Faith !

See the family is getting bigger and merrier ! Here are the lovely couples ! Check 'em out !

Here's dear dear and me ... ...

Here's Jo, bro-in-law and Caca.. Guess why was he holding up the birthday cake ?? heee ... ...

That's my old folks ... Mum and Dad if you have never seen them before ... Wish them to be as lovely as they are in the pics !

Thanks all for the presence and gifts.. plus thank you Jo for getting the yummy Tiramisu

and strawberry shortcake (for lil' Xavier).

He took one whole slice by himself for teabreak. Not sure if it's the sugar level he had for the day was a bit on the high side, Xav was like super active for the whole afternoon !! Hyperactive is a more exact word if I can use !

But too bad, did not managed to take any pics with the both of them today in the group pics! B'cos they were busy Zzzzz away !

Here's Xavier with Yi-por before he went to Zzzzz...

and one with me of course !

Had a fulfilling breakfast ! Ended our day with shopping @ Expo !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

@ Siglap Coffee Club

That day went down to mum's place together with Jo after Edna's massage @ Kembangan.

Watch out for the future little champions ! Lil' Edna wearing her daddy's medal from the Army Half Marathon !

& Xavier terror refused to take the medal off his neck after Uncle Han placed it around his neck ! And goes around hijacking the phone.

Anyway, we did have the thoughts of training Xavier up so that he can participate in marathons in the future together with his daddy ! Cool heh !

We went for tea and early dinner @ Siglap Coffee Club. Dunno how Xavier is going to place his orders with the menu upside down. See Edna's "grin" ? hahahahhahaha .. quietly laughing @ Xavier !

hmmmmmm.. what should I order ... ...

and I caught Xavier digging his nose ! What an act !! Recently, I think he discovered that the nostrils have holes and he can poke his finger in.

sniff... I smell food !!! Dinner time, mummy ?

oopsss... shown the greedy side of me .. hee heee ... so shy ...

yeah !! Sharing a slice of chocolate fudge cake with yiyi... yummy !!

Edna: why did mummy give Xavier kor kor but not me !! Where's my cake !!

We went back after that, calling it a day as the little ones had a long day out !

Just a little something to share, Xavier recently had become so mischievous. I was using the time out rule on him. I will normally says I count to 3, you'd better ... 1 .. 2 .. before I can finish, Xavier will help me to finish by saying 3 !!! I was like... should I be angry or happy that he can finish up for me.

And he starts to name things like Star, Car, trees and no. 3 (sounds the same).. and he goes on with his ze ge ze ge ze ge ......

Hope to hear you speak soon !

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